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Hidden in your time of birth are hints at your energetic elemental gifts and challenges. What if upon discovering them you can awaken more of who you are. The above photomicrograph reveals the energy of Autumn, a time of transformation. This image is the expression where the earthy nature of Virgo meets the balancing winds of Libra.    


The time and place of your birth is unique. A pinpoint of light coming from stardust, you emerged at a specific time and place giving you an energetic elemental signature, your personal GPS. No one in the universe matches your divine moment of birth, awakening into this environment on earth. Nor does anyone have your gifts to share with the rest of us.

The moment of your first breath begins your life exchanging energies with the universe, outside the womb of your mother. Astrology, often depicted through symbols, is based on energies of the cosmos. And the new-old medicine of today is also based on energy – bioenergetics, chakras, qi, energy medicine.

The four elements (air, fire, earth and water) of astrology focus on energetic expression and are the symbolic building blocks of your personal gps.

The elements are symbols AND ENERGIES.They represent four energetic expressions of matter: earth is solid, water liquid, air gaseous and fire radiant energy. They also represent our primary life needs – food, water, air, warmth, love or spirit. They also reflect personality and temperaments.

When we look at the physical nature of the elements – Earth represents the physical and solid, air the wind, water, flowing and fire, energy.

When we look at the elements in terms of their geometric shapes, according to photomicrography of the astroelemental minerals, the shapes are another touchstone to work with to go within to know yourself better.  

Each element holds specific qualities and energy and we are attuned to our elemental signature, whether we know it or not. These elemental forces are formative principals of the universe. Carl Jung would call these archetypes. Astrologers call them the signs of the zodiac and they manifest human personalities and consciousness.

What’s Your Elemental Nature?





Each of us is born with innate energies and qualities that we naturally express or are challenged by. We may be more comfortable in certain environments. Are you an ocean or forest person? We may also be more attuned to specific activities or approaches to life – thinking, feeling, sensing, or intuiting. 

Of course, I was the first person I did such an elemental reading on.  Initially I noticed the lack of one element with an overabundance of another.  I focused first on what wasn’t working in my life.  When I discovered that my birth elementals lack fire energy, it helped me understand a bit better why I am slower in getting things done compared to my fiery friends who burn through time and projects effortlessly. BUT I do not have to be doomed by this pattern or lack, I can uncover ways to ignite more fire power in my life. We can all engage with the elements as we travel through the medicine wheel throughout the year.  We just left the fiery energy of Leo and see it expressed in the fires that are burning throughout California.  Yet we can use the fire element to recharge our inspiration and love.  We do not have to feel lack since we can learn to enhance all of our elemental powers.

My ASTROELEMENTAL READINGS guide you to master the elemental powers you were born with. We look at the challenges and powers of the elemental signature you were born with and how to empower and engage the gifts you are born with.  The Guidance readings and working with the elemental (sacred geometry) shapes bring you a whole new perspective of you.  What’s included in a guidance reading?

Seeing/knowing our elemental patterns we can become more pro-active in taking care of our selves, enhancing our relationships and manifesting our highest soul expression. I offer unique Astroelemental Guidance, personal readings into your energetic nature, the gifts and challenges and how to work with these elements awakening your true self. What led this medical scientist into the occult and metaphysical universe?  What’s been discovered can help you on your journey.  Make an appointment for the cosmic story of your elemental nature.