Renegade Cells and Your Inner Healer

The Live Renegade Cells/Inner Healer program is a blend of science, healing practices and spiritual wisdom. We explore the biology of cancer along with strategies for reducing stress and enhancing a sense of well-being taking a look at our soul’s journey.

The goal is for you to meet your inner healer, appreciate bodymind spirit healing and gain a “medicine bag” of creative ways to work with your cells, your self.

This program covers the current biological understanding of cancer while providing you with  practical approaches for dealing with the challenges of illness and life.

Each class includes an educational component, community, support, guided visualization and a deep dive into your creative expression.   The intent is to guide you with knowledge, skills and support into your inner healer.

All sessions will be recorded live so that you won’t miss any of the content.

Having cancer is not a prerequisite for this program.

Two of the resources for this program are Dr.  Barrett’s book Secrets of Your Cells;  Discovering Your Body’s Inner Intelligence (Sounds True 2013) and her book chapter, “New Cancer Imagery, Engaging Cellular Science and Ancient Wisdom” in Transformative Imagery (Jessica Kingsley Publishers 2016)

What is covered:

What Biology Knows About Cell Healing: Fundamentals

  • Meet your cellular allies, cell architecture and activities
  • Identity, protection and repair:  immune activities and inflammation
  • Energy and Renewal
  • Stress, relief and Letting Go
  • The Imagination, Vibrations and the Quantum
  • DNA and Gene expression
  • Epigenetics and Lifestyle
  • Exploring your purpose, legacies and what you need and want to do with the gifts of your life

What biology knows about a normal cell becoming a renegade cancer cell

  • Gene errors
  • Growth regulation and cell death
  • Cell stiffness

Beyond Cells, Healing Engages Mind, Body, Spirit: the Great Mystery

  • Managing stress, negative thoughts, beliefs and fear
  • The power of your imagination
  • The placebo effect
  • Your Symbols of healing
  • Stress reducing practices
  • Relaxation and anchoring
  • Prayer and Placebo, the unexplainable
  • Creative expression
  • Support and Love
  • Purpose and legacies

Some of the Healing Practices

Expressive arts:  Drawing, Creativity

Guided visualizations

Letting go

  • Stress relief, fear, beliefs
  • Breath, meditation, hum
  • Writing, words, and symbols of healing

Letting in

  • I AM
  • Love, love for self, cells and others.  Gratitude
  • Support
  • Vibration
  • Program new behavior – Sensory Anchors

Your Inner Healer helps you reduce the stress and fear about the diagnosis or potential diagnosis. It also gives you resources that support managing your healing journey. It also will have an expanded focus on using creativity for healing.

Our Sacred Cell Wisdom
Our Sacred Cell Wisdom

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