Are you lacking enthusiasm or creativity?  Is your memory declining? Do you procrastinate? Could be that your brain is low in the molecule Dopamine. 

Dopamine is released in our brain when we feel pleasure, when we experience what we enjoy, when we expect a reward, and when we’ve gone on a successful quest. 

We are hardwired to feel intensely rewarded by our discoveries. 

Some signs of low dopamine: 

  • Low mood
  • Poor focus
  • No motivation or enthusiasm for what normally brings you joy
  • Procrastination
  • Depression or social anxiety
  • Cognitive decline, poor memory, or brain fog

Dopamine appears to make us happier, smarter, more productive, creative, focused and more motivated.  And good news, you can get more of this amazing molecule

12 activities that boost this pleasure-giving molecule: 

  • Exercise
  • Meditating, a change in consciousness
  • Accomplishing a goal.  Make a list of small tasks and complete them. Dopamine is released when you achieve any goal. 
  • Activities that are fun to you such as cooking, dancing, or shopping
  • Listening to your favorite music or playing it
  • Smelling cookies baking
  • Getting a massage
  • Time in the sun and vitamin D
  • Discovery.  Searching for something and enjoying the quest. We are hardwired to feel intensely rewarded by our discoveries. How about looking for music that will give you pleasure or  chills. When we feel music that gives us chills, we also experience feelings of awe. 
  • Standing – get up from sitting
  • Sex
  • Eating or Drinking water (Activities that help ensure survival and need reinforcement)

Our body releases dopamine doing activities that make us feel good. In moderation, of course.

Different food also can boost dopamine in our brains. Foods that are a source of tyrosine, an amino acid in proteins.  Tyrosine is the building block for dopamine. 

Some of the foods or spices known to increase tyrosine or dopamine:

  • chicken, animal products, dairy
  • peanuts, almonds, sesame and pumpkin seeds
  • oregano, rosemary, turmeric
  • chocolate, coffee, green tea
  • apples, watermelon, bananas, avocados
  • beets, soy, green leafy vegetables
  • natural probiotic foods such as yogurt, kefir, and raw sauerkraut
  • wheat germ, oatmeal
  • olive oil

Dopamine makes us happier, smarter, more productive, more creative, focused, and social.  It actually appears to increase desire and motivation more than pleasure

If you enjoy eating chocolate, dopamine will increase about 50 percent above your baseline. Sex is likely to cause a 100 percent spike.

 Search for something and enjoy the quest. We are hardwired to feel intensely rewarded by our discoveries. If you feel that you are low in experiencing pleasure or fun, discover for yourself what shifts that energy.  You will be doubly rewarded – in the successful quest and if increasing your pleasure, creativity and focus.  Keep track.  Journal.  Post your experience here.