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We are cosmic beings, our elemental origins come from stardust. 

The elements and molecules associated with the Zodiac reveal personally relevant messages.

Is it possible that the time and place of our birth holds hidden information about our essential nature?


YES, and it is written in our  AstroElemental Signature.

What is an AstroElemental SIGNATURE?  

An Elemental Signature is based on your  time and place of birth and is created by the images of mineral molecules associated with the Zodiac. 

When I photographed through the microscope the 12 mineral salts they revealed 4 primary geometric shapes.  These microscopic shapes aligned according to the 4 elements.  These mineral images and their geometric shapes create an Astroelemental Signature and the Elemental Zodiac. 

The Elemental Zodiac


This system expands upon an astrological reading by focusing on the elements and their symbols  It has the added benefit of tangible visual expressions of the actual micro-sacred geometry of Your AstroElemental signature. These visual depictions reveal a personal cosmic energy code or signature and are unique to my system.  

Are you missing an element?

Have you ever felt you are missing a specific kind of energy?

 The 4 elements have been used over the centuries to describe human temperaments and energies.  They’ve also been used to describe the basic nature of creation and matter. 

When we examine a birth chart in terms of the elements, a dynamic picture of your life is revealed. We each are born with innate energies and qualities, gifts and challenges from the cosmos. By exploring our  elemental gifts and challenges we can learn how to fill up any empty elemental vessel and recharge ourselves.Though an astrological birth charts may reveal the presence of all 4 elements, when one element predominates, it can be the driver in life and may need taming or balancing. The other elements may need to be strengthened.

And what about if you are missing an element?  Can we remedy this elemental imbalance?

Of course, we are not only one element, we are an alchemical blend of the elements.  In the simplest understanding, our elements reflect how we perceive and assess life. In general:

Examples of 3 different AstroElemental Signatures.

Look at these 3 Elemental Signatures. 

The top signature has all 4 elements and reveals excess Earth. 

The middle one reveals an excess of Fire and no Earth.

The bottom one shows a different missing element, no Water.


How might these elemental signatures be expressed in real life and how might the symbols speak to you?

From Science to Magic

How can minerals associated with the Zodiac provide you with personal wisdom?

When these 12 molecules (mineral salts) were photographed through the microscope they opened an ability that no one is talking about.  I did this unusual photography and discovered a surprising connection of the microscopic images with the four elements of air, earth, water and fire. I then added an interpretation to make these images useful for people to help understand themselves and relationships better. 

This unique elemental wisdom system and exploration into the gifts of your birthday can support your life.  Schedule a private reading with me, the person who uncovered this amazing wisdom system.

Each of us is born with innate energies and qualities that we may naturally express or be challenged by. In a guidance reading we explore your elemental nature and how that impacts your relationships, vitality and perspective in life.  You will also be offered potential solutions or remedies to boost all of your energies. This may also enhance your intuition. Uncover some of your magic through your Elemental Soul Signature. The reading may also include health coaching, if, and when appropriate.  These photomicrographs give us a glimpse where science meets the sacred.

Find out the powers of Your Elemental Wisdom Signature, the Astroelemental signature.

AstroElemental Guidance takes you on a whole new inner journey. This unique exploration opens a portal to your deeper self-discovery. Your insight about your own magic, challenges and strengths will be enhanced by actually seeing and working with the symbols related to your elemental signature.  

How can THE ELEMENTS guide you in life? SHORT VIDEO


Based on my discovery of specific microscopic “sacred geometry” of minerals salts associated with the Zodiac, you will see your birth chart in a whole new way as you discover your symbolic energetic self. This adds a whole new ‘spin’ on any kind of astrology readings as it is NOT astrology, rather the focus is more on the symbols and energies of the elements to take you inside to your deep inner wisdom and how to make this practical.  

 I had my first astrological chart done just this past summer by a highly recommended fellow.  I found his reading interesting and at times reflective of larger themes running through me, but also weighted with “destiny” type information, and the focus more on my supposed entrapments and tendencies.  A lot of what to be wary of, and what is to be overcome in this life.  To be fair, it wasn’t all so negative, but it was the flavor of the reading – because your moon is here…. It felt very cast in a die (with options… :-] ).

What I appreciated with your elemental reading was the encouragement toward, and room for exploration of what the nature of water and the other elements in their respective proportions means to me.  How each might be reflected and interpreted as strengths, or how I might consider bringing balance to an over-abundance of one or another.  I found your reading more positive, open, and more helpful as a tool for everyday living and choosing frankly.

I loved the intuitive part of looking at the shapes associated with the elements.  A good mirror and, again, a more open way of drawing a person’s own innate sense and perspective out, and more consciously into the work of exploration. I think that’s a big difference – I have been more consciously aware since my elemental reading, of drawing the fire that I have always subconsciously known I lack.  RC, Wisconsin, November 2020

Once you know your self in a symbolic metaphysical way you will be enriched in your relationships,  your vision, and inner knowing. A reading helps guide you to enhancing your hidden strengths, learning solutions to your elemental challenges, and understanding the patterns of relationships in your life, now, and in the future. 

What you will gain from a Reading

  1. Deeper insight into your elemental powers, challenges, and how to work with them
  2. A sense of wonder and awe at the truths of occult wisdom hidden in our molecules, the marriage of science and the sacred
  3. A new way of knowing and connecting with your self, others and nature.
  4. Open up your own intuition and learn to trust it.
  5. Connect to spiritual guidance

Readings are done live on Zoom and last 60 minutes.  What you receive in addition to your new discoveries about yourself:

There is only one you born at that exact moment and place. What does that moment in time reward you with, in terms of gifts, challenges and inner wisdom?  

Schedule your unique Elemental Guidance reading now.

Give yourself the Gift of You. 


Coming late June.  Getting to Yes: Your Elemental Soul, an 8 week online course starting June 24.  The first 5 people who sign up can bring a friend free.  



Molecules awoke one morning to find that atoms were inside them, enfolded in their very being. 

Cells awoke one morning to find that molecules were actually inside them, as part of their being.

And you might awake one morning and find that nature is a part of you, literally internal to your being.”

Ken Wilbur ~ A Brief History of  Everything


If you have any questions about this reading, please feel free to email me info@sondrabarrett.com.  

 To do a reading, I will need your birth data – date, time and place.  Though I can do a reading without your birth time, knowing your time of birth expands this elemental wisdom.

ORIGINS  of this system  

The elements are indeed the very foundation of the zodiac and therefore of all astrology.”

Stephen Arroyo in Astrology, Psychology and the Four Elements