The first new moon of 2024 will be in Capricorn on Thursday  1-11-2024 at 3:57 am Pacific coast time.

We get a double dose of powerful Earth energy with both Sun and Moon residing in Capricorn. Time to get to work as we move forward with support of this steady Earth energy.  Most of the planets in 2024 will be in Earth or Water signs.  I see this as very creative and nurturing times.  Earth and Water are divine receptive feminine partners. Think creating pottery not dust in the wind. 

Capricorn says its time to build and maintain structure, expand those dreams that need discipline to manifest.  We have it now.  Use this energy wisely and with joy knowing the cosmos has your back. 

These microscopic/microcosmic wisdom images for this Capricorn new moon show us slow and steady builds and expands all aspects of ourselves. It shows stability and solidity.  Earth is physical and tangible, the body.  The body aligned with mind and spirit helps us expand our dream in this exciting and powerful time.

The mineral salt for Capricorn is calcium phosphate, the building block of bone.  Think structure in  the Here and Now. 

How will you honor yourself, this new moon and the Earth element?

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