The Four Elements

The Four Elements of Air, Water, Earth, and Fire are fundamental to life and are portals into our symbolic, mystical and sacred life. The gifts of the elements extend from Nature to astrology to our inner nature.  Discover how to engage with your sacred elemental self – the wisdom and gifts within you.  We can make  this ancient symbolic realm real to enhance your sense of self by expanding your elemental self through your astrology..

Air element is associated with the gaseous realm, our sacred breath,  mind, thoughts and communication. With each invisible breath, we take in trillions of molecules that have been here for millions of years from all over the planet.  Our very life depends on this sacred breath.  It also connects us directly with each other and Nature.  Air element is connected to our sense of smell.

Water element is associated with the fluid realm, intuition, our emotions, empathy, and soul. Our waters (blood, sweat and tears) our waves of feelings emotional change, and delight. The Water element is connected to our sense of taste.

Earth element is associated with the physical realm,  the body, solid material , stability, the here and now present in this moment.  Earth is our worldly sanctuary. The Earth element is connected to touch.  

Fire element is associated with spirit, energy and passion. Life force energy ignites our vitality, our love and our potential. The Fire element is connected to sight.

A new  Four Elements program begins Wed. May 17.  Learn more about it here.

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