When the Moon is “new,” it’s located between the Earth and the Sun.They are on opposite sides of the Moon. During a new Moon, we see the side of the Moon that is not being illuminated by the Sun, which makes the Moon dark blending in with the night sky.  The New Moon marks the beginning of a lunar cycle.

When the Moon is perfectly aligned in front of the Sun, it blocks out the Sun, giving us a solar eclipse, like this new moon on April 8.



  • Set your intentions
  • This is a potent time to plant seeds of vision, inspiration and opportunity. Dream big, feeling into the vision for your life, forward thinking
  • Start new projects


Use these journaling prompts to respond:

  • I manifest new possibilities by.…
  • I am
  • I can

Create a new moon journal and begin to see how you align with each new moon.  They will be astrologically different. Every month the new moon is in a different sign of the Zodiac.  This month the new moon is in Aries.


Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, and the first fire sign.  It represents spring and new beginnings, like the budding of trees. Aries is a time for renewal, for breakthrough, and celebrating, as we initiate new plans and activities. Aries is pioneering spirit, innovative and courageous, and says I am! I can!

This fiery energy is impulsive, restless, confident, and trailblazing.

Aries energy inspires us to start  things but we may not finish.  Sharing your intention and being accountable helps the vision be manifested.

Use this energy gift to move your greatest vision forward. 

The Fire energy of Aries delivers a powerful blast to initiate your projects, take action on your dreams and build momentum. 

This NEW MOON in Aries IS super special, AS IT’S A SOLAR eclipse.

This solar eclipse might just give you the courageous boost you need to go after what (or whom) you desire. Symbolically, the eclipse conceals the brilliance of the Sun, creating a moment of darkness and a pause from the usual. Then there’s the big reveal, the brilliance of the Sun reappears and lights the way forward.

An Aries solar eclipse can coincide with the launch of a personal goal or a recommitment to your inner calling—even if you don’t exactly know where either will take you. There’s an energy of “act now, find out later”

This New Moon could bring a completely new direction into your life. Doors may open that were not there before. New ideas and answers to problems could become possible. 

Stay present and be aware is key as is staying out of judgment, blaming and disappointment. 

Here are the 2 wisdom cards for Aries – the Wayshower and Vision.  Aries mineral salt is Kali Phos (Potassium phosphate essential for electrical transmission and energy production.  The mineral salt for Libra, Aries’ cosmic opposite is Nat Phos (Sodium phosphate, that helps balance fluids, electrical energy and energy production.)

The designation of the salts for the signs of the Zodiac, are not my opinion. rather it is the dictates of divine or universal intelligence.

A New Moon Initiation

Take some time in the next few days to reflect on what passion/project you must initiate for the greatest good. Be brave, don’t worry what others may think, use your light to show the way.  Also, take some time on Monday April 8, New Moon day to tune in and honor and reflect this powerful energy. Let Aries’ Fire ignite you.  Light a candle.  For Aries I light a red candle.  If you are lucky enough to see some of the eclipse, rejoice in this magic.  Stop and just BE I AM and listen.