AstroElemental Signature

 Unlock the Power of AstroElemental Wisdom 

Unlock the secrets of your birthday and your elements with your AstroElemental Wisdom Code– a unique fusion of astrology, psychology, and the four elemental energies: air, water, earth, and fire. This extraordinary knowledge will take you on a powerful journey of self-discovery, and a deeper understanding of you and your personal relationships.

YOUR AstroElemental Signature for Self-discovery

The key to this cosmic exploration lies in your Astroelemental Code or signature– a visual language of symbols representing the 4 elements. These symbols offer a simple yet profound way to grasp the elemental influences in your birth chart, providing you with a deeper connection to your sacred self.

The symbols were not chosen arbitrarily. They are based on my original discovery after photographing the 12 mineral salts of the Zodiac.  These mineral salts are pure cell salts, not formulated into homeopathics.  The patterns and symbols can hlep you discover your elemental strengths and challenges, and to work with them symbolically, creatively. 

 Now, you can benefit from this incredible revelation as it impacts your personal life by scheduling a live one-on-one reading based on your birth chart with me.

 In the reading, you’ll discover your AstroElemental code, your predominant elements, any missing elements, and how to use this knowledge to enhance your life.

 Your reading provides you with the symbolic  geometric code along with the photomicrographic display of your code.  In addition, for the next month, I will also be interpret your code using the MicroCosmic Wisdom cards.  Discover MORE with a private reading.  


In this interactive reading, you will receive:

  • Your visual AstroElemental code. both in the geometric symbols and actual microphotographs. 
  • Video and audio recordings of your reading.
  • A custom ebook including your birth chart, the visual symbols, and full-color elemental code plus insights and recommendations for enhancing your elemental magic.  Sample cover to the right.

This can be particularly useful for astrologers and individuals interested in a practical understanding of their elemental gifts and challenges. You do not need to know anything about astrology to gain practical wisdom from a reading.  In a reading we also look at how to activate the elements you have and juice up any elemental lacks.  Whether you’re an astrology enthusiast or completely new to the subject, the visual AstroElemental code holds practical wisdom for everyone. Tap into the magic of AstroElemental Wisdom and embrace the power of the cosmos in your life.


I had my first astrological chart done just this past summer by a highly recommended fellow.  I found his reading interesting and at times reflective of larger themes running through me, but also weighted with “destiny” type information, and the focus more on my supposed entrapments and tendencies.  A lot of what to be wary of, and what is to be overcome in this life.  To be fair, it wasn’t all so negative, but it was the flavor of the reading – because your moon is here…. It felt very cast in a die (with options… :-] ).

What I appreciated with your elemental reading was the encouragement toward, and room for exploration of what the nature of water and the other elements in their respective proportions means to me.  How each might be reflected and interpreted as strengths, or how I might consider bringing balance to an over-abundance of one or another.  I found your reading more positive, open, and more helpful as a tool for everyday living and choosing frankly.

I loved the intuitive part of looking at the shapes associated with the elements.  A good mirror and, again, a more open way of drawing a person’s own innate sense and perspective out, and more consciously into the work of exploration. I think that’s a big difference – I have been more consciously aware since my elemental reading, of drawing the fire that I have always subconsciously known I lack. ~ RC, Wisconsin, November 2020

Since my reading, I’ve been tuning into my life experience as a fire person and noticing all kind of interesting patterns, reactions, and tendencies.  I’m having fun with it as I realize these “ah ha” moments!! ~SS

I have had my astrological chart cast and progressed several times, yet the AstroElemental reading provided a visual and spatial dimension that added much to understanding my qualities and my path. Most importantly, I received valuable insight into a medical condition that was over and above the input I got from my neurologist, physical therapist, acupuncturist, and medical qigong practitioners. The reading  reminds me of the Myers-Briggs License Plate in form and purpose. Dr. Barrett is funny, wise, compassionate, and intuitively insightful. The Zoom interaction is most enjoyable.~BK, MD,California 2021

Generally, I like astrology as a tool to show us what comes naturally to us and what we have to work on. With this particularly interesting work that Sondra is doing, the correlations of shapes, color, and photographs of the mineral crystals help me go way beyond my usual experience with astrology. It is something that is almost a primal response to the pictures, in particular. It is very interactive and allows for discussion. This was unlike anything else I’ve ever experienced. It is another useful way for people to receive information.~ RP, New Hampshire

I am still reverberating with the information from our session.  And still finding words to express it.  Seeing the elements in picture form connected to my birth time and astrological time was very affirming of my strengths and foundation. Sondra’s nurturing voice, interpretation, and questions all contributed to a powerful session that I am still reverberating with.~ Bonnie H, therapist, San Anselmo,CA

I just thought I would try an AstroElemental reading with Sondra because it sounded interesting to me. What I received was beyond my expectations – the video quality was superb, the reading outstanding. Sondra explained to me what the elements meant for me and what areas of opportunities and strengths are there. Amazing, how well it described me and I understood what next steps are waiting for me that I would like to unfold. Thank for this amazing and valuable experience.    ~Yvonne U. Germany


I would like to thank you for the insights you provided… this is a huge gift as it helps to connect with the universe… and reminds you about the strengths and areas to improve from a completely different perspective aligned with nature. This is very valuable work Sondra.~Elke J, Germany

Recently, Sondra provided me with an AstroElemental ‘reading’ based upon only three pieces of information- the exact time and date of my birth, and the place of my birth. Through my birth chart and her photographic images, she most accurately described my life’s quest in a sentence of symbols that was, to my amazement, 100% accurate! Sondra would have had no way of knowing most of the information she provided. Of equal importance was that our actual session was videotaped for my later review on Zoom. Plus I have the images of my elemental signature to look at. These images penetrate energetically in a way that words cannot. Thank you for your crisp targeted sharing of my reading. The best part of the whole process is your warm, curious, intuitive, and interactive style that allows even more insight.~Tom S, Orlando, Florida


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