On the way to Now, I have written 3 books, taught around the world, and of course, on Zoom. I have been a funded research scientist and have recently created an Oracle Deck. I’m a medical scientist who teaches about mind-body healing, cell health, metaphysics, wine, and the senses. But that’s not what I thought I’d be doing when I “grew up.” As a teenager, I wanted to be an entertainer in musical comedy, and when I was 6, my first public performance – I sang at my dad’s jazz club. So instead of singing I now use my voice in other ways, expressing through writing, speaking, and sound, about hidden worlds, ideas, and healing.

As a Ph.D. student in biochemistry, I studied influenza viruses and then did a post-graduate fellowship in immunology and hematology at the University of California Medical School (UCSF). I shifted my focus to cancer research while on the faculty at UCSF. My research on childhood leukemia took me out of the lab into the human dimension of life-threatening diseases and mind-body-spirit healing. I became the balloon lady in the hospital, drawing with children, telling stories, and exploring ways to help these kids feel better even with a malignant disease.


We each take in information differently to make it useful or remember it.  How do you learn best? I learn visually and kinesthetically. 

So using pictures make sense to learn about complex subjects like cell biology.  To learn chemistry, I drew everything.  Now I mostly use photographs through the microscope to illustrate structure,  ideas and concepts .

I am an explorer of Inner Space.  I dig into molecular structures and let them tell me their stories – Molecular Mythology is what I am calling it, for now.  What’s the shape of taste, of a wine growing up, aging and dying?  

What are the myths hidden in sacred geometry and number?

Why 3?

  • 3 blind mice, the stop light, the ABC’s
  • Father, Son, Holy Spirit
  • The Genetic Code

Here we explore our symbolic selves and mythic messengers – to bring out the kid in each of us, to play with knowledge, be the explorer, fine-tuning who we each are.  I AM


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