Way back when I was asking about what is healing, the answers were often about some mysterious invisible energy.  Qigong and Tai Chi were becoming popular healing energy exercises based on some invisible stream of energy called qi or chi. Plus qi/chi are at the core of modern and ancient Chinese medicine.

To make sense of this energy, I decided to study qigong, a practice purported to cultivate this unseen energy of qi.

I studied with Qigong master DaJin Sun. At that point he spoke no English so his wife Charlotte translated his words. Actually you didn’t need to understand any words to experience what DaJin was showing us.  He demonstrated different Taoist qigong exercises and we followed him. Towards the end of this class, for our “graduation” he had us do an experiment: move a hanging balloon clockwise by projecting our energy. None of the 8 of us thought this was possible. Yet we ended up projecting our energy through our hands moving the balloon counterclockwise. We were able to direct our qi even if it was in the ‘wrong’ direction.

Over time, I got really good at feeling the energy of chi between my hands. I’d do a very simple exercise (audio directions below – feeling qi). Great for skeptics. And wow, there was this whole ball of energy between my hands. Qi may be invisible, but it’s tangible.  I think when it comes to what we can’t see, does that mean it’s not real? Until we had the technology to see viruses ( the electron microscope), they were some mysterious invisible entity or  germ that caused disease.

Be open to what you experience, that’s where the learning is.

Feeling qi in your hands

Going further with Qi
Logging On – Qigong Practice
Even though we can’t see something, that doesn’t mean it’s not real. I remember a lot of people said that chi isn’t real, because we can’t measure it or see it. I always countered that with, well, we couldn’t see viruses until we had the technology to make viruses visible. And now 30 years since I first studied qigong, we actually have data on the health benefits of invisible qi. Practicing it reduces stress, improves gene repair, and reduces pain (via acupuncture). So I invite you to take a few minutes to explore a simple qigong practice I call logging on.

With this simple qigong practice you can learn to experience an invisible power within you. And to discover more of the hidden gifts inside you, sign up for my next 6-week online class. Making the invisible Visible.

Wishing you a wonderful time of self-discovery, becoming aware and in awe with new insights and creativity.