Cosmic Code 

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Life-Changing Cosmic Code and North Star

Once upon a time, your spirit landed here coming from the sacred space that surrounds us. You landed with a secret cosmic code hidden in your molecules.

First of all, your Cosmic Code represents the “big three” in astrology. The sun, moon, and rising signs. The astrological “big three,” represents the moment in time and space when you took your first breath here on Planet Earth. These are considered the most powerful cosmic energies affecting your personality, temperament and spirit.

The Rising Sign represents the you that you show the world.  Your Sun sign represents the Core you, your essence.  Your moon represents the inner emotional you.  This energetic code, when looked at with the MicroCosmic Wisdom Cards, reveals a whole new layer of your inner wisdom.

We also look at these cosmic messengers in terms of the Medicine Wheel and the 4 directions.  Part of the reading is discovering your North Star, the guiding energy that will help strengthen the gift of who you are. The image below reveals the North Star for this person’s cosmic code.

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Your North Star

Where’s Your North Star?

The North Star has been the guiding light for ancient mariners and travelers for thousands of years, a survival tool guiding people in the direction they were wanting to go. It’s called the North Star because its location is almost exactly above the North Pole.

The North Star is a landmark or a marker in the northern sky and helps us determine direction. It not only was a guiding light, it symbolized freedom for those escaping slavery in the southern US. Looking to the night sky it pointed them in the direction along the Underground Railroad heading away from the South going north.

It has been a guiding light for people, letting them sail the seas and cross the wilderness without getting lost. It has served as a beacon of hope, freedom, and inspiration.

The North Star always points to the North. When facing it, the East will be on your right, the West on your left, and the South at your back.

The North Star, symbolically points to where we need to focus our attention. It gives us direction in life so that we can discover and develop the gifts that we already have, letting us achieve our full potential. Thus, the North Star became associated with life’s purpose, focus, and vision to follow

I came upon the North Star “accidentally” as I was preparing to do a recent cosmic code reading. I had been doing these readings for a few months using my MicroCosmic Wisdom cards. I would lay out the 3 cards in a linear fashion until that day I decided to lay them out according to the medicine wheel.

With the rising sign to the East, the sun sign to the South, and the moon sign in the West. The East is the place of the rising sun, the Air element. The rising sign is associated with how we show up in the world, how people see us. The South is the place of the fiery sun represents our core self, whereas the West represents the water element, the moon and our inner emotional self.

Now what about the North? Well, that would be what earths us, strengthens the other 3. The North star guides a person to more fully manifest their highest good. The North, or north star would be the elements that would help enhance the expression of a person’s cosmic code. WOW, what an interesting way to do the reading.

Doing this with the cards adds the insights and magic from the oracle card perspective. Adding the North star brings intuition even more into the picture.Now that I’ve done a dozen or so of these readings I am moved by what people have discovered about themselves and how our elemental north star can help guide us to our fulfillment.

You could readily do such a reading for yourself, with whatever cards or symbols you want to use, to learn to listen to your deeper wisdom guiding you.

You could also schedule a reading with me since I take you a little further in how to activate and enhance your North Star guidance.


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