The physical state of the Water Element is Liquid.  Yet it can change state depending on temperature – freezing it becomes ice and hot it becomes steam.  Water shows us numerous possibilities of being and change.

In Nature, we witness Water in oceans, lakes, rivers, rain, ripples, and changing tides.  Water is always moving except when frozen.

The shape of water

Our body, like the earth, is about 60% water and we know the element by our blood, sweat,  and tears.

Water teaches us to dive deep into our soul and be open to change yet do not get frozen in one perspective.  Life has its ups and downs.

Most creation stories share the theme that creation begins in the primordial swirling waters.

  • Physical – wet, liquid
  • Metaphysical – emotions, intuition, reflection, Soul
  • Astrology – Pisces, Cancer and Scorpio

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