Making the Invisible Visible,

What Does that Mean?

I first used the microscope as a medical scientist to look at human white blood cells in order to develop ways to distinguish one kind of human leukemia (white blood cell cancers) from another. This was to help learn which treatment would be most effective against a particular type of leukemia.

I soon found myself spending more time out of the lab with the children with leukemia. I began having them imagine and explore how they saw their cells or illness. Then they would draw and make visible what was in their imagination.  Why  do this – I had been learning for myself that drawing what I felt and imagined was healing for me.

After I unexpectedly discovered the incredible beauty hidden within our molecules, I also began sharing that with the kids.

From science and intuition, I began sensing that cells have important lessons to teach us about life.  I imagined that our trillions of cells carried practical wisdom for us that would help us heal our body and mind. Just consider, these invisible life forms within us, that ARE us,  evolved amazing survival skills over their millions of years.  I was in awe of what a living cell could do.  Even though I had learned a lot in biology, once I saw living human cells under the microscope my life changed.

I began exploring the art of the molecules of life.  That beauty was AMAZING.

Then my curiosity brought me to the life of wine to discover its inner beauty and visual expressions of  age and taste. I was hooked on this inner world and making it visible to people who weren’t as fortunate as I to have their vision expanded by the microscope.

Once I uncovered metaphysical messages in mineral salts, I shifted again to learn more about sacred symbols and shamanism.  Yet I was scared to talk about what I discovered.  This was taking me into the realm of metaphysics and elemental mysteries.  No way, would I, a scientist, talk about metaphysics and the occult.

And yet, the photos through the microscope,of 12 mineral salts said to be aligned with the signs of the Zodiac haunted me.  They showed 4 primary shapes which just so happened to aligned with the 4 elements of Air, Water, Earth, and Fire.

Ultimately 30 years later after I did that photomicrograpy, my curiosity and courage had me exploring whether these images could be useful or were they simply pretty abstract pictures.

There is no question now that I’ve shared these images and their hidden wisdom, that they can help us learn more about ourselves and nature.  I’ve come to believe that some molecules may have more to provide than their chemical activities. That they carry spiritual wisdom and can bring us to knowing ourselves more deeply. They are portals into the hidden universe.

From these images I developed the MicroCosmic Wisdom Oracle cards and have been doing readings for people helping them learn more about themselves and their relationships.  It’s been quite a journey from scientist to inner space explorer uncovering messages in our molecules.  and now please take a look at what is available within and learn.

“Molecular photography captures a world invisible to the naked eye….It opens the mysteries to molecules and cells.

It is art based on reality, not an artist’s imagined representation.

Images tell a story or act as a portrait. They may even communicate scientific information visually, so it is more easily understood, then it becomes a teaching tool.”

High Tech, High Touch: Technology and Our Search for Meaning ~ John Naisbitt

Making something invisible visible is the act of Manifestation.

It is turning something abstract into something concrete.”
David Spangler ~ Everyday Miracles

My Mission is to share the wisdom and beauty of the hidden universe to inspire you to all that you are – from both perspectives – science and spirituality.

Just imagine, these images might even transform your consciousness.

I offer you many possibilities to appreciate and learn to access this hidden wisdom through courses, art, cards, readings and personal exploration.

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