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I shed light on our healing powers covering cell health, mindbody spirit and stress management. Balancing science with the practical you are provided with useable knowledge, skills and wisdom within your cells and molecules. This guides you to embody and activate your spirit and healing powers. You may even discover the sacred wisdom in our biology.  Through photomicrographs the information is made visual and tangible. You may even try your hand at visual wine tasting.


Through my books, online courses, in-person presentations, and personal coaching you can engage your healing wisdom for cell health. The compelling information and beauty embedded in the molecules of life and wine will enhance your experience of who you are. The life and mysteries of wine are also explored. A code revealed by molecules associated with the zodiac provides hidden messages of your birthday, spiritual wisdom useful for accessing your deeper sense of self.  


Exploring the hidden worlds of cells, molecules and wine you will begin to engage with the magic and wisdom embedded in our awesome invisible universe. Seeing photomicrographs of the molecules of life and wine you will discover that there are messages in our molecules. Experiential practices, qigong, photography, and expressive arts will guide you to embody the amazing intelligence within your cells.