Making The Invisible Visible

Do you have any idea of how beautiful you are and how much wisdom is within you?

As an Inner Space Explorer with mind, heart, and the microscope, I am excited to share with you  the amazing inner beauty and intelligence hidden within you and all of life.

My belief is, if we  saw and understood what life is made of – those amazing cells and molecules – we would take better care of ourselves, each other, and the Earth. Love, compassion, and a sense of our sacred nature would grow. Discover the practical healing world of science embraced by the sacred.

In this website you can learn the secrets of your cells, the power of  the four elements of Air, Water, Earth and Fire, the hidden messages in our molecules, and how to acess the awesome intelligence within.   Of course, my intention is that you discover and honor your own inner wisdom and beauty.

Sondra Barrett
Sondra Barrett

MicroCosmic Wisdom

Bridging the mystical and the molecular, MicroCosmic Wisdom oracle cards are the first to feature mysterious microscopic photography as a gateway for divination and inspiration. The images are photographs through the microscope of mineral salts that are actually part of us and are also associated with the four elements of the Zodiac.

MicroCosmic Wisdom goes where no deck has gone before. It reflects the connections between the visible, invisible and the spiritual world. It opens us to our connection with Nature, our inner nature, and the divine.

Intentions and Explorations

I shed light on our healing powers covering cell health, mindbody spirit and creative expression. Balancing facts of science with the practical you are provided with useable knowledge, skills and wisdom from within your cells and molecules. You will be able to embody and activate your spirit and healing powers. You may even discover the sacred wisdom in our biology as well as your powerful intuition. Photomicrographs of the inner world makes that information visual and tangible.

The most beautiful experience we can have is the mysterious. It is the fundamental emotion that stands at the cradle of true art and true science. ~Albert Einstein

Exploring the hidden worlds of cells, molecules and soul you will begin to engage with the wonders, magic and wisdom embedded in our awesome invisible universe. Experiential practices, qigong, photography, and expressive arts can guide you to embody the amazing intelligence within your cells.



“One scientist who is busy reinventing herself and her profession by regaining awe as a priority is Sondra Barrett. Barrett has brought awe into her life by asking different questions about her specialty, biology, and by connecting biology to photography so that she and others can meditate on the awesome wonder of the cell itself.”

Matthew Fox, Spiritual Theologian and Author

The Awe Project – Reinventing Education, Reinventing the Human

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