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I use science and the microscope to shed light on our inner worlds to reveal for you the amazing wisdom, intelligence, and beauty within our cells and molecules.

Through experience, I have made that information practical so that you can access your inner healing powers to thrive. You may even discover there is sacred wisdom in your biology.


You can be informed by books, online courses, presentations, videos, and individual guidance or professional consulting. The surprising knowledge and stories embedded in the chemistry of life and wine can enhance your understanding and give you a greater appreciation of who you are, and how to take better care for yourself.


The knowledge, skills, and beauty offered here will inspire you to fall in love with yourself from the inside out, trust your innate wisdom, and awaken you to become aware of all that you are and can be. Exploring the hidden worlds of life, you will discover the magic and mystery embedded in the unseen universe. You will experience awe and greater curiosity.