When we think about the Air element let’s first explore physical Air in Nature and Us.

Air is the gaseous state of matter.  It is wind, it is invisible. We only know it by its effects on other things. The breeze moved the leaves on the trees. Look at the ocean, big winds make waves, calm winds make ripples, and no wind shows us a smooth surface on the water. Air is always in motion.

Air embodies a natural lightness and resists nothing. Its constant touch can be both comforting or brutal: Air presses gently against our skin, it holds us safe for every single breath of our life. We can only live a few minutes without air. It is the source for our life-giving respiration.

Air teaches us to be flexible. Wherever it goes, air carries what it can and just as easily drop and leaves behind what it cannot.

Spend time with different physical manifestations of air. Enjoy a windy day by the sea or a day with still air. Notice how a gentle breeze or breath makes you feel.

  • Physical – invisible, wind and breath
  • Metaphysical – Mind, thoughts, intellect, communication
  • Astrology – Aquarius, Gemini and Libra.

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