Here you will discover the teaching programs available now or in the near future.  These include Cell Wisdom courses, Elemental Wisdom programs, and  MicroCosmic Wisdom. My programs include the dance between science and the sacred to empower your own wisdom along with getting into Nature.  The Current program started  May 8,2024 and compromises 2 weeks on Cell Intelligence and Modules 2-6 continues on May 29  focused on elemental and metaphysical wisdom within us.  

Core Concepts

Cell Wisdom

What amazing intelligence our trillions of invisible cells carry.  This is our internal CIA – Cellular Intelligence Agencies. Its science with a touch of the sacred. All cell programs are a  weaving of cell science, spirituality and ancient  wisdom traditions. They are experiential and informative.


Rogue Cells

 Sometimes cells get out of control. and don’t follow the rules What does the new biology know about out-of-control renegade cancer cells.  How does this happen?  Can we enrich our healing capacities, if ill or even prevent illness? Gene errors as well gene repair are key to cell healh.

Cosmic Wisdom

We live on the planet Earth and are surrounded by unseen galaxies along with our very visible Sun and Moon.  Here we explore the wisdom of the Zodiac, the Cosmos and their Elemental Energies and how they can impact our cells and our inner world


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