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Getting to YES:  Your Elemental Soul

An 8-week online class into the

Discovery and Exploration of the 4 Elements -Air, Water, Earth, Fire


Powers of Your Astro-Elemental Signature


Someday, after we have mastered the winds, the waves, the tides and gravity,

we shall harness for God the energies of love.

Then, for the second time in the history of the world, we will have discovered fire.

~Teilhard de Chardin


This is the Elemental Zodiac




An AstroElemental signature,  like astrology leans on the zodiac for orientation and personal usefulness.

Your Elemental Signature is based on your time and place of birth and uses the symbols uncovered by the microscope.  This system has the added benefit of your seeing the actual microcrystallline sacred geometry of Your AstroElemental signature. These visual depictions are unique to my system and reveal your personal cosmic energy code or signature.  

My Unexpected Discovery:I am a medical scientist who used the microscope to study and distinguish normal human cells from cancer cells.  Sidetracked, a long story. I began photographing molecules for their beauty.  Yet when I photographed through my microscope 12 mineral salts associated with the Zodiac, I made a life-changing discovery.  The images of these 12 salts aligned according to the four elements of astrology – earth, air, fire, and water.  All the Earth sign minerals had rounded shapes,  Air sign minerals showed square or rectangular geometry, Fire signs revealed hexagons, and the water signs minerals showed themselves as wavy lines.  How was that possible, that some ancient ideas of astrology, the elements, could be uncovered through a tool of science? 

After photographing the 12 mineral salts, I then explored the alchemy of blending them. For example, would the minerals of Earth (Capricorn) and Water (Pisces) alchemize in ways to resemble human relationships. Results shown here of one of the alchemical experiments.  


The elements have been used over the centuries to describe creation, matter, and of course, human temperaments.  I tapped into them first to learn about human relationships, then nature and finally to offer private elemental guidance readings.  And of course, to understand what to do about my missing element.

Your elementals can inform you about your own life, gifts and challenges. Of course, we are not only one element, we are an alchemical blend of the elements.  In the simplest understanding, our elements reflect how we perceive and assess life. In general –

Since the concept of the 4 elements has been used for thousands of years, we will also explore their symbols through time, the tarot and discover/intuit our own symbols and rituals for the elements for healing our soul.


Though we are usually many elements when one element predominates, it can be the driver in life that may need taming or balancing. The other elements may need to be recharged.  The top two signatures reveal earth or fire overload.  Can you figure out which element is missing in the bottom signature?

3 very different AstroElemental signatures



Are you missing an element?

Have you ever felt like you are missing an element or that you are energetically out of balance?  Look at these 3 signatures and notice that one reveals a missing element and the other two have an excess of earth or fire. Without getting a private reading, you can now learn how to work out your elemental signature and that of loved ones. 

When we examine a birth chart in terms of the  elements, a dynamic picture of your life is revealed. We are each born with innate energies and qualities, gifts and challenges from the cosmos.  In this class as we explore all of the elements we also discover potential soulutions or remedies for the missing element or those in excess.  Your new insights will engage your own magic and wisdom about yourself and relationships.  You will know yourself in a whole new way.  In this class we explore the essential gifts and challenges of the 4 elements and learn how to fill up any empty elemental vessel and recharge ourselves.  

This 8-week adventure engages elemental wisdom and strategies from nature, relationships, the senses, sacred and creative.  When you finish this class you will be empowered to take change of your elemental gifts and challenges and have more YES and Joy in your life. Getting to YES is an alchemical blend where science meets the sacred and the mystical.  

We start this Zooming adventure Thursday June 24,2021, 5pm PDT.  The class will be livestreamed and recorded.


You can participate live and/or watch the recording. There will also be a private library for all the recordings and supplemental materials such as and Elemental Playbook.  What we do in each 90 minute session: a starting ritual, a guided visualization, a visual presentation, discussion and perhaps even elemental cards. By participating in this program you will be part of the evolution of my Elemental Soul Wisdom Cards and Guidebook.  You also have the option to create your own cards and symbols, which may come to you in one of the guided visualizations.  

As we dive through this new portal we discover that it makes visible the invisible into personally relevant wisdom for our life and creative spirit.  This new program will guide you to who you are elementally,  to engage all of your hidden powers, gifts and challenges plus as you dive deeply into your elemental soul, this initiation takes you to your sacred creative mythic self.

YES takes you into an alchemical, shamanic, and symbolic exploration of elemental and energetic wisdom as uncovered by ancient sacred traditions, modern psychology and the microscopic photography of minerals of the Zodiac.

How you will benefit by participating in this course:


The 8 Sessions:

1. Cosmic Origins:  from Stardust to Biology to You



2. Overview of the Four Elements: Myths, Symbols. Alchemy and the Astro-Elemental Code


It’s Elemental

The next 4 sessions focus on the details of each element: Qualities, Temperaments, Nature; Alchemy with the other elements; Recharging; Strategies for the missing element, low or excessive elements

 3. Fire

 4. Air

 5. Water

 6. Earth

 7. Your YES, Alchemy, creative expression and celebration



“Molecules awoke one morning to find that atoms were inside them, enfolded in their very being. 

Cells awoke one morning to find that molecules were actually inside them, as part of their being. 

And you might awake one morning and find that nature is a part of you, literally internal to your being.”

Ken Wilbur ~ A Brief History of  Everything

Praise for the Elementals: Courses and Readings




If you don’t have time for the course, consider getting a private Elemental Guidance reading.