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With the Guidance of the ELEMENTS

YES:Your Elemental SOUL, SELF, Cellf

Discover the Magic of You and the 4 Elements

Air, Earth, Water, Fire


What do you want to say YES to in this new year?

This is not about FIXing you.  It is about enhancing knowing and BEING YOU.


What is the one gift you desire for yourself?  Being present and peaceful? Is it focus, playing drums, dancing more, writing a book?  What is it you want to share?  If this was your last year, what is your priority?


This 8 week program YES will guide you to YOU from several perspectives: 

Mindbody, spirit, elemental, cellular, nature, metaphysical, and creative. 

Discover the power of the Four Elements of Air, Water, Fire and Earth to enliven the whole you. 

Explore how the elements can support you in making change, knowing yourself and feeling more aligned with YOU and your purpose.  



Your soul desires will be nurtured through elemental magic.  Consider this as an initiation into your SACRED cosmic nature.  

We will explore the elements  as teachers and essential to life

Engage life authentically as the cosmic energy that you are.  Harness your elemental powers to meet any elemental challenges with wisdom. As you begin to understand yourself and personal relationships elementally you find more compassion, less judgement when it comes to connecting with other people who see life differently than you do.  You may even appreciate some people’s “quirky” behavior as well as your own.

Uncover your elemental strengths and challenges as you discover how to work with them and enhance the gifts of your birth. By engaging sacred symbols and creativity, ancient traditions, and nature, your love and appreciation of who YOU grows.  Your YES is strengthened


How you will benefit by participating in this program:




As we explore the 4 elements, we gain insight into our elemental essence and can to tune into our elemental symbols and creative expression.  In fact, we grow in wisdom when we discover how the cosmic elementals can support decision-making and BEing in the present moment.

We dive into this wisdom from Nature and our own inner nature deepening our inner knowing. This hidden realm of the elements is made visible and practical through visual presentation, guided visualization, creative explorations and community. 

The unique elemental story I present here is based on the Zodiac, astrology, psychology, sacred art and symbols and uncovered by my discoveries through the microscope. 

Here we immerse ourselves in the marriage of science, spirituality and self.   





In the Beginning, as so many creation myths start, there was Earth, Air, Water, and Fire.  Our body, our breath, our hidden waters, and our life force.  What do we make of these gifts from the cosmos, nature, Great Spirit?  And what about the metaphysical stories – from astrology, mythology, the tarot, sacred symbol systems?  And of course, Your Unique expression?  Of course, how do we make them real and practical in our life?

I use the 4 elements as a doorway into Nature, our own hidden nature and  to connect more deeply with the world within and around me.


Our elementals can inform us about our own life, our gifts and challenges. Of course, we are not only one element, we are an alchemical blend of all 4 elements.  In the simplest explanation our elements reflect the lens through which we perceive and assess life.

In general, in terms of our personal self: 

In a person’s birth chart, if one element predominates, it can be the driver in life and may need taming or balancing. We can learn to tune into or activate elemental energies to support our life’s journey.


An Elemental signature, based on your birth time and place is created by the elemental geometric symbols I uncovered with the microscope.  This makes visible the symbolic expression of your Elemental nature.  A dynamic picture of your life is revealed.

In this class as we explore al 4 elements we also discover potential soulutions or remedies for any missing element or those in excess.  With your new insights you can engage with your own magic and wisdom about yourself and know yourself in a whole new way. We explore the essential gifts and challenges of the elements and learn how to recharge ourselves.  

Since the concept of the 4 elements has been used for thousands of years, we also explore these ancient mysteries as relevant to now and you and discover/intuit our own symbols and rituals for the elements for healing our soul.  



More of the story of these Elemental Cards



You can participate live and/or watch the recording. There will also be a private library for all the recordings and supplemental materials and practice. 

What we do in each 90 minute session: a starting ritual, a guided visualization, a visual presentation, discussion and perhaps even “play” with elemental wisdom cards. By participating in this program you will also experience my new MicroCosmic Wisdom Oracle Cards and Guidebook. 

Unlock the creative you

We often gain new wisdom about ourselves by stepping out of the intellect into the intuitive creative.  Be open. You may be inspired to work creatively with the symbols of the elements or your own elemental signature.  You may even decide to create your own cards and symbols.

This makes visible the invisible into personally relevant wisdom for our life and creative spirit.  This unique program will guide you to who you are elementally,  to engage all of your hidden powers, gifts and challenges plus as you dive deeply into your elemental self, this initiation takes you to your sacred creative mythic self.  Takes you to your YES.




The 8 Modules:

 I AM Cosmic 

I am a cosmic messenger and this is MY YES.


 I AM the Four Elements: Cell Life, Nature, Symbols, Personality, YOU 

Theme:  The Elements of Life:  As Above, So Below – The Zodiac and YOU


       How to access your birth chart:  Astro.com. Go to link and under Horoscope Chart Drawings, select Chart Drawing.

Create a free profile.  Enter your birth information and click “Continue”

You should see your chart. Make sure you save the image! I usually take a screen shot.


Each of the next 4 sessions focuses primarily on one element:

Qualities, Temperaments, Symbols, the Senses, Nature and Human Nature; Alchemy with the other elements; Relationships

Recharging Strategies for any missing element, low or excessive element



I AM AIROur Thinking and Social Nature 

Take a deep breath, nurture your mind,  Communicate and express yourself.




I AM WATER. Our Feeling Intuitive Nature

Go with the Flow.  Ride the waves of your emotions. Getting Intuit.




I AM FIREOur Vital Passionate Spirit

Ignite and reclaim your passion.  Create with courage.




 I AM EARTH:  Our Physical Nature

Get rooted, plant a seed, Let’s Get Physical.

Touching into our sensory nature.




 I AM ME SAYING YES: Your YES – Alchemy, creative expression and celebration

Who are you, your elemental mythic identity.  What are you here to do?  What are you saying YES to?





What MicroCosmic Wisdom Cards reflect you now?     Theme:  Recharge and Ritual and going deeper into your elemental nature




The elements are indeed the very foundation of the zodiac and therefore of all astrology.”

Stephen Arroyo in Astrology, Psychology and the Four Elements

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If you want to go deeper, consider having a personal Elemental Signature Guidance reading