MicroCosmic Wisdom

Discovering the Mystical & Elemental through the Molecular

Bridging the mystical and the molecular, MicroCosmic Wisdom oracle cards are the first to feature mysterious microscopic photography as a gateway to the Divine and divination.  They are based on my original discovery of the AstroElemental Symbol system.

These images are a spiritual language. The beautiful images and their esoteric wisdom was uncovered with a tool of science. These photographs through the microscope are of mineral salts that are part of our invisible cells.   These very same mineral salts, with origins in stardust are also associated with the signs of the Zodiac. In fact, their geometric shapes correspond with the Four elements of Air, Water, Fire, and Earth, which are part of many creation myths across cultures. And as a visual spiritual language, these elemental images expand our connection with our own inner wisdom, Nature, and even the Divine.

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How is it that metaphysical messages and wisdom are buried in the structures of our molecules? The geometric shapes of the  12 Mineral salts of the Zodiac align with the four elements. 

How would you match these shapes to the elements? This discovery changed my life. Astrology was not something I had any interest, knowledge or appreciation.  Yet my curiosity, as a scientist, drove me into wanting to find out if these images could be of any use to help us understand life or ourselves better.  And so 

Not knowing anything about astrology or the zodiac, I had assumed they were human-made constructs and what I had discovered was an accident of curiosity.  Though over these decades I have asked how could molecules contain sacred esoteric wisdom.  Last night I discovered  Ray Grasse’s YouTube video on the Divine Zodiac, a brilliant exploration of the history of the Zodiac, so far.  He poses the question was it created or discovered.  And I just discovered his inspiring article On Astrodienst on the same subject. 

In my mind, the astroelemental wisdom in our molecules confirms for both of us that the Zodiac is indeed divine.  Discover Your Elemental Signature.

When I first uncovered this code of elemental correspondences I wanted to know if they would be useful to understand ourselves better.    Over time, I discovered that an AstroElemental Reading gives a person insight into their own inner nature and enhance their intuition. People gained something about themselves from both the images and the elements.  

Soon I pasted the images onto card stock with the intention of using these cards to do readings without the computer.  Hence the MicroCosmic Wisdom deck was born. My focus for these last 2 years has been on creating the deck and guidebook.  There is a lot of elemental wisdom in these cards yet they morphed into an oracle deck and being used more for divination.  I offered Cosmic Code Readings using the cards and a person’s birth chart.  So there are different benefits from both types of readings for gaining wisdom.  

Being enriched by Grasse’s work I am excited to bring back the AstroElemental Code readings to help enrich you.  The power and gifts of the four elements will fill you with wonder, inner wisdom and awe.  

With a tool of science, the microscope, ancient metaphysical wisdom is discovered.

The MicrCosmic Wisdom deck goes where no deck has gone before reflecting the dance between the visible and invisible worlds, physical and metaphysical elements of the Universe. The images are abstract, with no fixed or pre-determined symbols, therefore your inner knowing and intuition play a big part in interpreting the unique messages for you. Though each card has guidance and a keyword, you will likely discover your own guidance and maybe even names for the cards.   Allow the images to speak to you.

So in simple terms, the MicroCosmic Wisdom deck does explore the element of the image yet is more often used for divination.  You do not need to know your birthdata to use these cards.  

The AstroElemental Code looks at the elemental wisdom in your birthchart. 



I do two kinds of readings, both are based on the photomicrographs of the minerals of the Zodiac and your birth data.  The Cosmic Code specifically uses the MicroCosmic oracle cards whereas AstroElemental uses the images on their own. Readings done in August will also include a short complementary follow-up session to support your journey

  • Cosmic Code Readings are done with the MicroCosmic Wisdom Oracle Cards.  This reading focuses on the  Big 3 of Astrology – the Sun, Moon, and Rising signs. It also includes the North Star guidance from the cards. This is focused on more of an elemental divination reading. 
  • AstroElemental Code Readings are done with the original images and their geometric symbols, and it looks at your whole birth chart – sun, moon and rising signs plus mercury, venus, mars, jupiter and saturn.   It is interpreted with the focus on your Elemental gifts and challenges.  This reading also can be useful to the health professional or individual looking for information to select cell salts. The visual symbols support your intuitive understanding of your elemental design.  

Both readings provide you with powerful understanding and insights about your elemental/energetic gifts and challenges.   I also provide guidance to you on how to work with them in practical ways.

 MicroCosmic Wisdom Oracle cards embrace characteristics of the 4 elements to symbolize our innate wisdom. The 4 elements are in Nature, ancient wisdom traditions, astrology, and modern psychology.  They are portals into our invisible world and our innate powers.

Since there is also an astrological connection to these elements they open a unique doorway into your birth chart. When you use these cards with an astrological spin,  you will understand your life in a whole new way. Discover your Cosmic Code and your oneness with all of creation. Yet astrology is not the only portal into the inherent wisdom of these cards. 

The focus of this deck is to help you align with your sacred alchemical self and reclaim your innate wisdom and elemental powers.  These cards can guide you to discover yourself as a sacred loving wise connected with spirit.  

The microscopic mineral salts hold unexpected sacred information in a visual language that helps you tap into your intuitive wisdom. As you dive more deeply into these cards, you will discover how to engage the elemental forces to fully express your innate goodness and soul expression.

This video shows a little about using the deck.

In addition to the 36 oracle cards, the package also includes 6 blank cards that you can use to create your own expression of elemental MicroCosmic Wisdom or leave them blank.  Some people include the blank cards as they shuffle the deck.  your choice, exploration and listening. 

How this deck came to be, the ultimate discovery of messages in our molecules.

The printed DECK IS SOLD OUT but a Digital version is available as is the digital guidebook with all of the cards in it! 

The digital version of the deck is available on Deckible

The Full color digital guidebook is available here.  It has all the deck images in it.  

The MicroCosmic Oracle Cards package includes:

36 cards, size 3.5 x 5 inches, on premium card stock, plus 6 blank cards.

Guidebook, 120 page full color page of each card plus guidance on each card, ways to work with the cards with sample questions and spreads. There is also basic astrology information and core elemental knowledge, activities for elemental enhancement, plus inquiry question for each card to take you deeper. .

Box, a full color rigid keepsake box with magnetic clasp.



Self Discovery

AstroElemental and MicroCosmic Wisdom each embrace the qualities of the 4 elements of Air, Water, Earth and Fire and help us symbolize our innate wisdom. These 4 elements are in Nature, ancient wisdom traditions, astrology, and modern psychology.  They are portals into our invisible world and can help us learn about our innate nature and even understand our relationships with others better. Their wisdom can be also accessed through either MicroCosmic or AstroElemental readngs.

What are Oracle Cards

Oracle Cards are a divination system, that through images, words and/or symbols, can guide us to our inner wisdom.  It is a connection with Spirit, intuition, higher guidance.  Other divination systems include runes, pendulum, the Tarot, lucky charms, I Ching.  Humans have long used outer stimuli to gain more knowledge about themselves for the highest good.

AstroElemental Code and Guidance

These Readings are unique and are based on your birthday. We are part of the Cosmos.  We are bathed in the light of the Sun and the Moon.  These far away celestial connections we can see yet also can impact us energetically.  Does the full moon keep you up at night? Other heavenly bodies that are part of our cosmic universe that affect us personally include Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn. When we look at the elements of the signs of the Zodiac when you were born, we get a visually dynamic picture of the geometric energies of our birth. Order your AstroElemental Code Reading here.

MicroCosmic Card Readings

There are several different MicroCosmic Card readings.  One is using astrology and your birthchart to uncover your Cosmic Code and through that discover your North Star guidance to enhance and empower your birth elemental gifts.

Another kind of reading is  simply using the cards as an oracle, no relationship to astrology.  Typically you learn to do this reading for yourself.  There are a number of spreads in the guidebook as well as a list of questions to get you started.

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