My Books

I’ve written 3 books. The first one, Wine’s Hidden Beauty, I wrote, did all the photography and self-published. It is a beautiful full color coffee table book, a few are left. Buy Now


My second book, published by Sounds True is Secrets of Your Cells: Discovering Your Body’s Inner Intelligence, is now in 8 languages.

My third book, Ultimate Immunity, I co-authored with Elson Haas, MD.  It was published by Rodale.


Will there be a 4th book, ELEMENTAL WISDOM WITHIN?  MicroCosmic Wisdom? or a film ?


I always thought that MAY 1 was a significant day for my first Cell book to be published. After all, May 1 was my Dad’s birthday. He would have been very proud of me becoming a writer. That was his dream, that he never got to accomplish in this lifetime. Today he would have been 106 years old and has been gone for almost 40 years, much of my life.

I have always said that I inherited my Dad’s writer genes, and so have my kids. That my publisher Sounds True scheduled the release of this book on my Dad’s birthday, I thought was perfect (they, of course, didn’t know the meaning of that date to me). And in appreciation of all that my Dad gave me, I am giving you some tips for reaching Gratitude.

Happy birthday to all of our cells too. Many will have been born today. Many will leave today but we will never know that’s happening. Such kindness that our cells do not share their death and birth chaos with us.

I began offering book clubs for this book in 2019 though I’ve taught this material in many courses, workshops and retreats in the US, UK and China. The first Secrets of Your Cells(SOYC) Book Club was August 20, 2019. We completed the 4th round of SOYC book club that began Sept. 2020.

Since my original name for the manuscript was Cells and the Sacred, my teachings have evolved and expanded the marriage of science and spirituality, actually enhancing the Spirituality part.


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Modules 2-6 take you deep into your mystical elemental self


Module 1. Your Cells are Listening: To Your Thoughts and Emotions

What your cells know and do for your body to respond to mental and emotional disturbances and blessings: worry, fear, awe

Communicating with your cells: Cell architecture and actions.  How your cells recognize information and respond (receptors and the cytoskeleton) Tracking energy.

3 Cellular practices for balance and tuning in.

Sound Hum

Gratitude guided meditation

Letting Go

  • At Home Activities: Your Experiment and Results

Your assignment, should you choose to explore: Practice what you have learned.  Focus on one cellular practice and track your experience and energy, write.  Or explore a different practice each day to see which works best for you.

Module 1 is two consecutive weeks and can be taken independantly of the other 5 modules.

In week 2 of this module 3 more  practices will be taught along with how your cells produce and use energy including how Stress plays a role and everything is connected. Plus more time for discussion, Q and A, support and follow up. The practices you will learn include simple qigong, heartmind and Triad bodymind prayer.

Imagined fears, worry, stress have the same effect on your cells and body

as the "real thing."

Learning Objectives for Module 1- You will gain

    • An understanding of how you and your cells communicate.  Cell intelligence to respond to your thoughts and feelings and to thrive.
    • 6 practices/skills to explore/discover what works best for you - for shifting thoughts,emotion and energy
    • Know yourself better with deep appreciation for the invisible wisdom within you and being able to better manage life's ups and downs.

Who is this for?

    • Those curious about science and the sacred, astrology,  healimg
    • Educators, parents, spiritually inclined
    • Sick and tired of being sick and tired
    • Healers, artists, mystics, and metaphysical explorers
    • YOU

Each 90 minute class includes lecture and experiential practice, visual presentation, personal exploration, discussion and a guided visualization

All is recorded in case you can't make it in person or want to watch it again.

Module 1 - The Live Your Cells are Listening  started on Wednesday, May 8, with the 2nd session of Mod 1 ending on May 15 at  11 am  PT.   You can still see this on demand.  SIGN UP NOW

Modules 2-6 Begin May 29. 


YES - Your Elemental Signature 

2.   Cosmic Connections

Origins, The Zodiac, Energy, and Our Vibrations

We come from Stardust,

Our Connections to the Sun, Moon and Nature

Molecules of the Zodiac - sacred symbols

As above, so below - MicroCosmic and Macrocosmic - Astrology basics

Your birth chart and the elements

3.  Elemental Mystical Wisdom

Molecular Messages- Hidden Magic

The 4 Elements Essential - Air, Water, Earth and Fire

Elemental Temperaments and Personality - Jung and the ancients

4.   YES -Your  Elemental Signature

Molecular Geometry, Signs and Symbols

Enhancing Your Elemental Nature

Cosmic Codes, the Big 3




5.   Letting Your  Elemental Signature inform and enhance you


Air, Water, Fire and Earth - Qualities in You

Are you missing an elemennt?

Connections In Nature



6.  YES, Embrace and Express Your Sacred Elemental Self

MindBody Spirit and Cosmic Soul Connections

Cellebrations and Practice

Gratitude for your Unseen Realms - They are Me, I AM

OPTIONS for taking this program:

Modules 2-6  start on May 29. You can take this without taking Module 1.   Cost $125


    The whole series  began on Wednesday May 8 at 11 am PT. Module 1 is  two consecutive weeks May 8 and May 15. The live sessions are over, but recordings are available so you can SIGN UP NOW

    Modules 2-6 begins on May 29 and the 4 Wednesdays in June, 1 week each


    Modules 2-6 start on May 29.