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Meeting Your Cells
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Sure you know intellectually that your body is built from invisible cells.  Trillions of cells are you.

And we pretty much take them for granted that they are always there doing whatever needs to be done to keep us alive.  

Yet we are actually in partnership with them – our choices, our thoughts and feelings, our daily activities – all impact them and hence, us.  What we eat, think and do affects the health of our cells. We network with them.

Now more than ever it is essential that we take care of them and ourselves. 

I love working at my computer and know very well, how essential it is to get up and move every hour.  When I set a mindfulness bell to ring every hour, I do get up and move a bit.  Sometimes that’s just walking into the kitchen for some chocolate.  But no bell, I don’t move.  

A human white blood cell moving


Sitting is said to be the new smoking and now during covid days are we all sitting more?  Our cells move and they are “happier” when we take them for a walk.  What used to get me out of the house even when I didn’t want to, was say to myself – TAKE YOUR CELLS FOR A WALK. When I felt that I was doing something for “them” I’d do it, just for “me” not so much.  It’s really a matter of LOVE.  

One way we can fall in love with our cells, our selves, our body, is to realize that they are our container, our sanctuary that keep us alive to thrive, especially if/when we do our part.  

So I encourage you to meet your cells, meet with them and create a loving relationship.  You may picture them as tiny bubbles containing a spark of life.  You may imagine them as a force field or invisible allies.  Make them real to you and live your life inspired by who and what you are, who we all are.  

And if you want to know more about your cellular life, and I don’t mean phones, check out my next online program starting in September.  

And if you want to dive into a brief journey inside, Meet Your Cells mini guided journey




Scientist-photographer author and teacher bringing together science, art and sometimes the sacred. PhD biochemist, post-doc in immunology and years of teaching mindbody health and sensory awareness. Looking within with a microscope my vision of the world has changed, yours might, too.