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  Spend 8 weeks with me, the author of Secrets of Your Cells(SOYC) to explore the amazing healing wisdom within you and your cells.  This session will also include a seasoning of immune enhancement tips to help keep you healthy. Here you will awaken your personal experience of your cellular intelligence.

In this interactive program you will gain knowledge and skills to access your healing wisdom to:

In addition to the 8 live interactive sessions, you will receive 8 downloadable video and audio recordings of the course, plus additional resource material and 8 guided visualizations.   All sessions are recorded and downloadable so you won’t miss anything if you can’t make a live class. 

SOYC book club begins Tuesday, April 7  4:30- 6pm PST

Registration and class closed 

Previous students are welcome to join us at a reduced price.  Please contact me for the Renewal link.  

Introduction to course


Bravo, what a terrific class.  Following the cells course, I’d like to compliment your wonderful efforts. I came away with so much – don’t change a thing! Your depth and insight was exactly what I was hoping for. Keep up the excellent work and ADD anything you wish to future courses, by all means. You’re brilliant!  Thank you, Sondra! With love & gratitude. Lisa C

Cell to Soul: A journey to the heart of the matter, While Bruce Lipton brilliantly shifted our point of view towards a new understanding of the cell membrane as the `brains of the operation’, Sondra guides our attention inwardly, as she illuminates the body of the cell. ~Sharon McCarthy

Sondra Barrett is a Brilliant Woman of an inquisitive nature and a huge capacity for knowing. Her methods for offering information as a means for self-understanding are multidimensional in scope and earthbound in effectiveness. Her classes have helped me to see myself in an honest and astounding light, the benefits of which were, and remain, highly significant, deeply meaningful and absolutely timely. She is a gift of Warmth and acceptance. ~Pamela – An Arizona Fan

Hi Sondra, I come to say that you are the one who inspired me de most this year. (The wisdom of the body summit in august 2019). I bought your book and I’m enjoying it a lot ! Thank you for your work and for who you are. ~Sylvie Beliveau


Moving through the Book and the book club course

Each chapter will take you into a specific  feature of your cells, the architecture and function while offering experiential ways to embody the information while exploring its spiritual potential. As we move through the book, your body of scientific knowledge and skills will build.Though the book has 9 chapters, we integrate the last review chapter into the earlier relevant chapters

 Chapter 1, “Sanctuary–Embrace” explores creation stories and the concept of cell sanctuary.  In fact, until there was a molecular container to hold the chemicals of life, there was no live.  Life needs a place. What intelligence did that first cell have to have to survive? Your cells have the intelligence and you can learn from them how to expand your sense of the sacred and your inner healing powers.



  Chapter 2, “I AM–Recognize” shows us how cells identify themselves and how specific cells, how immune cell’s recognize and protect us against viruses. We explore how to keep our immune self healthy. On a personal level, you will explore how you identify yourself.  In this chapter, we learn to make our cells hum and the healing power of sound and how to prevent inflammation. This chapter is also focused on immune responses.


  Chapter 3, “Receptivity– Listen” takes us into the powers our cells have for listening to your thoughts, emotions, and each other. They communicate to each other through molecules, cell receptors and vibrations. Key to understanding this cell intelligence is to know that Cells are always in the present moment. Only YOU take them out of being in the NOw.  You will learn to become  more present.


Scientific American Tensegrity  Chapter 4, “The Fabric of Life–Choose” shows the decision-maker of the cell, perhaps the “brain” of the cell, the cytoskeleton. This scaffolding and fabric of the cytoskeleton senses and responds to energy, tension and vibration and is thought by some scientists to be where consciousness resides. This part of the cell teaches the importance of letting go.


  Chapter 5, “Energy–Sustain” explores energy (biological, emotional, and etheric): how our cells use and transform food into molecular energy, and how we use, lose and and maintain it. Stress diminishes energy and here we experience some strategies  to lessen stress including qigong. 



  Chapter 6,“Purpose–Create” moves us deep into our spiraling DNA molecules and gene expression.  Thousands of errors occur in our genes every day and our cells have numerous DNA repair systems, which can be compromised by stress. We also explore epigenetics, how to change the expression of our genes. At this point, we begin to discover metaphysical symbols that echo the forms and patterns found within the cell.  When we change our genes, we also also changing our brain.



  Chapter 7, “Memory–Learn” brings us to how our cells learn and remember plus how we can create and strengthen new habits. Discovering the powers of our physical senses to anchor relaxation we learn how our brain and cells network.  We explore powerful strategies for enhancing our memory and behaviors.



  Chapter 8, “Wisdom Keepers–Reflect” takes us beyond the cell to see it is reflected sacred teachings. We look into metaphysical aspects of our physical universe while asking if our cells and molecules are more than biology, can they also carry mystical and metaphysical wisdom.Can we use our internal patterns of sacred geometry and sacred symbols?



Adapted from the book Secrets of Your Cells (SOYC)

This book speaks to three dimensions of our human experience: scientific investigation, spiritual exploration, and personal experience. This book not only brings you the science and spiritual interpretations, it also offers you experiences for you to embody and make real the information. There is poetry written in the scientific secrets of your cells, the alphabet of life; our molecular scribes have much to say.  I ask you to open your mind and your heart as you investigate the cellular world for yourself, for the cell holds deeper truths than can be found in its wondrous scientific realities. We are a constellation of trillions of individual energy holders—soul keepers, I believe that carry the wisdom of the ages and keys to the Mysteries.

The book and course will encourage you to engage with your cells in very practical ways to invigorate your body and ignite your imagination. I want you to fall in love and enjoy an intimate relationship with your cells. I also want to provide you with an optimistic outlook how our cells, along with mind, know how to heal. They take good care of you. Stressed out, its the dynamic between you, your mind and your cells. Discover here how to destress. Cranky? Your cells receive the tense messages you are sending them and tighten up. Feeling relaxed and peaceful? So, too, are your cells, moving with ease and efficiency. Our choices influence their life experience and ours; cells respond to what we give them. When we bring them fresh air, they are able to produce energy more efficiently. If we nourish them with love, laughter, and music, pleasure-inducing endorphins flood our being with happiness. When we worry, our internal pharmacy bombards them with stress hormones that can damage them—and us.

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