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Spend 8 weeks with me, the author of Secrets of Your Cells and discover the amazing wisdom within you, your cells.  Your cells know how to recognize danger and communicate to all the other cells to get moving.  Cells can detect damage to your genes and fix them.  They even carry knowledge beyond the cellular universe that taps into the mystical.


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Adapted from Secrets of Your Cells (SOYC)

About the Cell

Throughout this book you will have ample opportunity to investigate the nature of the cell . Let me say here that our cells are our oldest living ancestors, shared by all of life since its creation. Living cells from trees, butterflies, hummingbirds, you and me. all possess the same building blocks, the ingredients for life, moleculesand biochemical principles. Written in the biography of the cell are the mysteries of life and death, growth, healing, and transformation. At every moment of every day, our cells orchestrate trillions of molecular symphonies, guided by cellular intelligence in a delicately designed system of checks and balances, push and pull, collaboration and communication.

Fundamental to cellular functioning is the molecular embrace, in which elements of the cell fit together like hand in glove to realize their combined destinies; connection is, in itself, a building block of life. When we examine the life of the cell, we are witnesses to sheer genius. In my view, based on my experience and study, there is clearly an intelligence at work. When you have completed the journey at hand and turn the page on the final chapter, concluding your own investigation into the intricacies and dynamics of cellular life for now, you, too, may find that you have adopted this view. And my hope is for you to fall in love.  With your cells and self.  As my friend Lilia Sinclair writes “cellf.”

Cells and the Sacred

This book speaks to two dimensions of our human experience: scientific investigation and spiritual exploration—here we bridge science and the sacred. When we mine for scientific facts, we are engaging our intellectual brain, the one that wants data, analysis, proofs, and measurements. The scientist wants to know why and how. If you also want to know the physical, perceivable whys and hows of the cell’s functioning, you have come to the right place; I have allowed the scientist in me full rein. The sacred and spiritual experience is said to have no place in science, yet to fully know and appreciate life and our place in it, I believe both dimensions need to be present. Our inner, intuitive, natural knowing, which I sometimes call the feminine side of science, looks at the whole of experience rather than only its measurable components. Cells can be appreciated for their philosophical teachings as well as their physiological abilities, and this book speaks to both. Our cells are little crucibles of measurable, discernible biochemical interaction that also carry the seeds of divinity. This book not only brings you the science and spiritual interpretations, it also offers you experiences for you to embody and make real the information. There is poetry written in the scientific secrets of your cells alphabet of life; our molecular scribes have much to say. So I ask you to open your mind and your heart as you investigate the cellular world for yourself, for the cell holds deeper truths than can be found in its wondrous scientific realities. We are a constellation of trillions of individual energy holders—soul keepers, I believe that carry the wisdom of the ages and keys to the Mysteries.

A Playbook and Guide

I designed this book to be both a playbook and a guide to the cellular universe. It will encourage you to engage with your cells in very practical ways to invigorate your body and ignite your imagination. I want you to fall in love and enjoy an intimate relationship with your cells. I also want to provide you with an optimistic outlook how our cells, along with mind, know how to heal. They take good care of you. Stressed out, its the dynamic between you, your mind and your cells. Discover here how to destress. Cranky? Your cells receive the tense messages you are sending them and tighten up. Feeling relaxed and peaceful? So, too, are your cells, moving with ease and efficiency. Our choices influence their life experience and ours; cells respond to what we give them. When we bring them fresh air, they are able to produce energy more efficiently. If we nourish them with love, laughter, and music, pleasure-inducing endorphins flood our being with happiness. When we worry, our internal pharmacy bombards them with stress hormones that can damage them—and us.

I have sprinkled throughout the book information and explorations to help you learn how to treat your trillions of tiny building blocks—and yourself—in nurturing and life-affirming ways. Among the explorations you will find are what I call body prayers, a term I have borrowed from a friend and colleague who once orchestrated for me a wonderful ritual dance she called a body prayer. A body prayer is a sacred movement, one in which the soul expresses itself. Many of the body prayers contained here are qigong exercises; these are adapted from ancient Taoist practices and combine mental focus, breathing, meditation, movement, and imagery. They are meant to get you moving, and if you perform them with intention, they will energize your body and transform your consciousness. They will help you create daily.  In fact in this online course I encourage you to open your creative spirit and engage with your cells and inner world.  

Moving through the Book

Each chapter will take you into a specific design feature of your cells (the architecture – form and function) while exploring its spiritual potential and offering activities to engage your mind and heart. As you move through the book, your body of scientific knowledge will build, and you will deepen your experience of your own cellular life.

In Chapter 1, “Sanctuary–Embrace,” we explore sanctuary as we discover our cells’ creation story, consider the cell as a sanctuary and container for life, and learn about the features of our cellular membrane. Where did that first cell come from and what did it have to learn to survive? Your cells can guide you to living better.

Chapter 2, “I AM–Recognize,” takes us into the cell’s recognition capabilities— discerning self from other, carrying markers of identity, and wielding the wonderful complexity of the immune response. The larger lesson about self found here is present in ancient scripture: I AM THAT I AM. And in this chapter, we learn to make our cells hum.

In Chapter 3, “Receptivity– Listen,” we travel from the “I” to the “we”—cellular communication and listening. We learn about the nature of our cell receptors and how our cells tune in to the vast array of information signals they receive, including from our thoughts and emotions. We find that our cells always live in the now, and we are encouraged to follow their lead.

In chapter 4, “The Fabric of Life–Choose,” the concept of the “brain” of the cell, so brilliantly described by pioneering scientist Dr. Bruce Lipton, is expanded to include an even more embracing intelligence contained in our cells: the cytoskeleton. We see that the scaffolding and fabric of the cytoskeleton are the likely anatomic location where energy healing takes place and consciousness resides. There are also lessons for us here about attachments and letting go.

Chapter 5, “Energy–Sustain,” is an exploration of energy (biological, emotional, and etheric): how our cells use and make molecular energy, and conserve it, and SOYC preface adapted secrets of your cells how we, the larger organism, can use up, sustain and maintain it. We explore stress as the biggest waster of our energy.

Chapter 6,“Purpose–Create,” moves us deep into our spiraling DNA molecules and genetic expression and takes a look at what can go wrong with our DNA as well as our self-correcting abilities. We look into epigenetics, how we can change the expression of our genes. At this point, we will also begin to look at metaphysical symbols that echo the rhythms and patterns found within the cell.

Chapter 7, “Memory–Learn,” brings us to an exploration of cellular learning and memory, resonance and the mind in the heart along with the role our senses play in conditioning and changing behaviors. We experience how to create cellular networks in the brain and body to reinforce learning and memory while we investigate how to create new habits and break old ones.

Chapter 8, “Wisdom Keepers–Reflect,” we leap from inside the cell to see its characteristics reflected in the myths and symbols of ancient civilizations. In other words we look into the metaphysical of our physical universe.

Chapter 9, “Connection–Cell-ebrate,” is integrated into the previous chapters.  we recall and summarize our entire voyage, mine it for some of its key lessons, and give gratitude for all we have shared.

Here I have given you a thumbnail sketch of the terrain you are about to travel. I wish you a rewarding voyage full of wonder, inspiration, and discovery. And now, ladies and gentlemen, I give you your cells . . .

Below the unedited Introduction to the course.

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