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Online Programs:  It’s Elemental 1.0 and 2.0. NEW Coming Soon – YES Your Elemental Soul


Meet YOUR Cosmic SELF

The True Meaning of Life

We are visitors on this planet.  We are here for 90 or 100 years, at the very most.

During that period, we must try to do something good, something useful with our lives.

If you contribute to other people’s happiness, you will find the true goal, the true meaning of life.

~His Holiness, the 14th Dalai Lama


.After a stimulating first round of It’s Elemental 1.0, it grew beyond my original ideas into It’s Elemental 2.0 and then expanded into Your Elemental Soul.

In It’s Elemental we integrate the metaphysical with the physical, spiritual and practical.  As we uncover ancient wisdom through astrology, alchemy, psychology and modern science, we gain and broaden our perspective as we travel our life’s journey. 

Gain more insight of the puzzle of your life’s purpose and essence.  We explore the 4 elements – earth, water, fire and air – though ancient symbols, molecular designs, astrological and cosmic wisdom, modern psychology and bodymind health, we gain a broader understanding of our life, our divine essence and inner strengths.  We also discover how to learn from our elemental challenges

 It’s Elemental 1.0, the first round of the brand new program, covered the 4 elements in general, astrology, psychology, indigenous wisdom and nature.  Each person had a mini-reading of the element in their birth chart.  Over the 4 sessions, we covered water, air and earth, with an overview of all 4 elements.  Plus we explored how to honor the elements in our life. 

The Water Song

It’s Elemental, a unique online program


It’s Elemental 2.0 expands our knowledge and experience focusing on the life-enhancing Fire element.  Moving from the cosmic symbols and microscopic astrological mineral salts into Nature, life and health, psychology of our hearts and spiritual gifts, we engage with our spirited energy of life.  We will also look at our relationships from this elemental perspective. This 4-week module provide you with tools, knowledge and skills to enhance your life, your relationships,  and health.   All sessions are recorded and will include some mini individual explorations of the elements in your birth chart.

 It’s Elemental 2.0

Module 1:  Element of Fire – metaphysical, astrological, spiritual and indigenous
What does the energy of the Fire Element add to your life from the gift of your birthday. The Zodiac and the Trinity of Fire.  Explore the hidden symbols and mystical qualities of Fire in your life and in Nature.  Strengthen your energetic challenges.  Learn the role of fire in your relationships and birth chart. Mineral messengers. What is YOUR elemental nature?

Module 2:  The Fire element in our bodies and spirit – heart and nervous system.  How do stress or relationships elevate or extinguish your fire?  Explore accessing the heart of your self.  Discover how to cool down inflammation of mind and body and spirit.  How might a fiery nature affect your well-being? The role of breath/air and body/earth.  

Module 3:  Enhancing your Fire element and energy – cellular energy and the energy-generating mitochondria.  Diet, breath, and reducing stress. Soulutions and remedies for low fire energy or excess.  Who and what extends your energy.  The role of emotions/water

Module 4: Fire building – Inspiration, body movement and sacred rituals.  Meeting your low fire days and times with calm and wisdom, exploring soulutions.  The role  of your spirit.  Being INSPIRED.



Why I am offering It’s Elemental.

One reason is to share the surprising discovery I made decades ago about the hidden messages in our molecules.
                4 elements :o names.png

The bigger reason is to offer you insights into your relationship with your self and with others. I am hoping that this will also enhance your relationship with intuition and the natural environment as well. After I developed this system I call AstroElemental Guidance, I started doing readings for people based on their birth chart. I learned that the photomicrographs and symbols of this unique system revealed something meaningful to people, it “spoke” to them. In some ways it helped them tune into their own intuition, inner knowing.I have used the symbols and the elements to help me intuit and explore more of our inner nature and to help guide others to knowing themselves better. And of course, to help us all understand our close relationships and even enhance our relationship with Nature.  I figured if I could learn more about our basic temperaments with this system, so could you.    You do not have to know astrology to be part of this. Yet if you use astrology or tarot in your self-discovery, this will augment what you do, personally and professionally.  How do we tune in, into our selves, our energy, our intuition and our divinity?  Each session will include lecture with visuals (powerpoint), guided imagery into the elements, and mini-readings.  

By the end  of this course you will have a sense of the power and challenges of the 4 elements and know how to create your own AstroElemental chart.   Please feel free to ask me any questions regarding this new program.    The course will be online on Zoom and recorded so you don’t have to miss anything.  Elemental Course Resources, for students onlyThis course will introduce you to the gifts and challenges of the 4 elements as they play out in our birth chart and in the physical environment. We will explore elemental experiences to deepen our wisdom and make it practical.

Learn about the Hidden Energies of Our Birthdays

What does that moment in time of our birthdays reward us with, in terms of gifts, challenges and inner wisdom?  

Each of us is born with innate energies and elemental qualities that we naturally express or may be challenged by.  Endowed with our elemental perceptions, strengths, and challenges we may also be more attuned to specific approaches to life – thinking, feeling, sensing, or intuiting.  You may be a thinker while your partner experiences life more through their emotions.  Can you learn to speak a common language or at least understand your differences without making the other wrong.  Come learn about these elements to gain a deeper understanding of your inner Nature.  This can assist you in bettering your relationships, communications, and appreciate how you approach and understand life.  Are you missing an element?  What can you do to remedy the missing energetic expression in your life?

In thiscourse you will be guided to understand and even experience these elemental energies, learn the gifts of each of the 4 elements and how to build the AstroElemental Signature for others.  In addition to mini-insights you gain during the course for this first course everyone will receive their own private reading. 


TESTIMONIALS for AstroElemental Guidance Readings