May 1 has always been a special day in my family,  It was my Dad’s birthday born in 2015 in Kiev.  He hasn’t been earthbound for decades and I still miss him.

It’s also Beltane, a Gaelic holiday marking spring at its peak, summer is coming.This is Earth’s time of fertility and growth.  The Earth energy (Taurus) is also strong astrologically which suggests that this is a good time for making tangible one of your dreams. 

My book, Secrets of Your Cells, one of my dreams was released on May 1, 2013.  I started writing it in 2000.  No publisher wanted it.  I gave up and wrote and self-published my wine book instead.  A few rare copies are still available. 

Ten years later, Sounds True asked me if I had a book. I realized then that what I had written in 2000 was premature.  My ideas hadn’t jelled yet to where they evolved to. I wasn’t ready. Have you ever wanted something so much but the time wasn’t right?

I am still learning about the amazing hidden knowledge in our cells and am offering some of this practical wisdom in a short 2-week program Your Cells are Listening beginning next Wed, May 8.  Check it out, if you want to explore some energy-transforming, stress-reducing cellular practices and learn how your cells recognize the information you send them. They, and we are so awesome.

So tomorrow on May 1st, celebrate something you’ve grown or wish to grow.  Until the next time…