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Discover the Hidden Messages in Your Birthday

Once upon a time in ancient astrology, each planet was associated with a specific part of the human body.  Centuries later, twelve mineral salts associated with those parts of the body were linked to the specific sign of the Zodiac and one of the four elements of astrology. 

When we examine your birth chart in terms of the four elements, a dynamic picture of your life is revealed. The elemental qualities of your birth time and place tell a story that informs the powers and challenges of your life. This unique exploration takes astrology beyond “what’s your sign” and a birth chart. It guides you to a symbolic code that opens the door to deeper self-discovery of your gifts, strengths, and challenges.  The symbols are rooted in the photomicrographs of the mineral salts.  

What’s YOUR elemental challenge?

Emoto looked at the hidden messages in water that revealed the power of molecules to hold information.  Here you can discover hidden information in your birthday as revealed by mineral molecules associated with each sign of the Zodiac. 

This interpretation and reading is unique 

It reveals your visually impactful Elemental Code which opens a portal to the hidden energetic soul challenges and strengths you were born with. 


The Elemental Code, the visual component of a reading, is grounded in 4 geometric shapes, discovered by my photomicrographs of the twelve mineral salts associated with the Zodiac. By depicting a birth chart in terms of the visual elements, I uncover how that Elemental code can help guide and connect a person to their deeper wisdom and how to put this information into action.

Relationships:  Earth and Water – Capricorn and Pisces 

Where this system came from  

  What’s your elemental power? Are you missing an element?

In a reading you:

What a reading entails 

An Elemental Reading is a visual, intuitive, interactive journey of self-discovery.

What you get:  The session is done live on Zoom and recorded. In addition to your new discoveries, you receive: 

If you have any questions about this reading please don’t hesitate to email or call.  

To discover more about your elemental and energetic nature, order your Elemental Reading.  To do a reading, I will need your birth data – date, time and place.    A reading lasts one hour and is $125.  Thank you!  

The elements are indeed the very foundation of the zodiac and therefore of all astrology.”

Stephen Arroyo in Astrology, Psychology and the Four Elements

Cosmic symbols and archetypes





“Generally, I like astrology as a tool to show us what comes naturally to us and what we have to work on. With this particularly interesting work that Sondra is doing, the correlations of shapes, color, and photographs of the mineral crystals helps me go way beyond my usual experience with astrology. It is something that is almost a primal response to the pictures, in particular. It is very interactive and allows for discussion. This was unlike anything else I’ve ever experienced. It is another useful way for people to receive information.~ RP, New Hampshire

“I am still reverberating with the information from our session.  And still finding words to express it.  Seeing the elements in picture form connected to my birth time and astrological time was very affirming of my strengths and foundation. Sondra’s nurturing voice, interpretation and questions all contributed to a powerful session that I am still reverberating with.”~ Bonnie H, San Anselmo,CA

“I just thought I would try an elemental reading with Sondra because it sounded interesting to me. What I received was beyond my expectations – the video quality was superb, the reading outstanding. Sondra explained to me what the elements represented mean for me and what are areas of opportunities and strengths I can see there. Amazing, how well it described me and I understood what next steps are waiting for me in my life that I would like to unfold. Thanks a lot  Sondra for this amazing and valuable experience.” ~Yvonne U. Germany

“I would like to thank you for the insights you provided… this is a huge gift as it helps to connect with the universe… and reminds you about the strengths and areas to improve from a completely different perspective aligned with nature. This is very valuable work Sondra.” ~Elke J, Germany

“Recently, Sondra provided me with an AstroElemental ‘reading’ based upon only two pieces of information- the exact time and date of my birth, and the place of my birth. Through my birth chart and her photographic images, she most accurately described my life’s quest in a sentence of symbols that was, to my amazement, 100% accurate! Sondra would have had no way of knowing most of the information she provided. Of equal importance was that our actual session was videotaped for my later review on Zoom. Plus I have the images of my elemental signature to look at. These images penetrate energetically in a way that words cannot. Thank you for your crisp targeted sharing of my reading. The best part of the whole process is your warm, curious, intuitive, and interactive style that allows even more insight.” ~Tom S, Orlando, Florida

“I’ve been including astrology in my professional work with clients for more than ten years and studied it for more than 34 years, and Sondra’s elemental reading went directly to the substance of what I needed to hear and to do! How wonderful to interact with the tangible elements of astrology and be informed by them. This is profoundly confirming for me, and gave me some practical steps for how to integrate the Cancerian qualities of being present to my subtle feelings. Sondra’s calm and perceptive presence helped me feel 100 percent seen and at ease. Our reading was on the day of Equinox, and marked a turning point toward a more authentic feeling presence in how I approach choices of what’s next. Thank you profoundly, I feel blessed to have this very illuminating and balancing reading!”~Nyei M, Los Angeles