It works or so it seemed to. 

In my book Secrets of Your Cells I wrote about the “coincidence” of 3s in theology, biology and our culture.  I also describe this in a much earlier post.

                      THE UNIVERSAL LAW OF 3

Examples –

  • Father Son Spirit
  • a Genetic Codon is 3 letters
  • The 3 bears, the ABCs. etc



Take some time to witness for yourself the many expressions of 3, whether you call it a trio, a trinity, a triplet or a triad.

The triangle is the first stable geometric form, is considered a symbol of divinity and was an early symbol for the elements of life. 

3 is a symbol for completion.

When I discovered all of that many years ago, I came up with the question – would we be able to create in our life, what we want by doing some sort of affirmation and gestures in 3s. Could we do our prayers of intention in 3s and have complete what we are asking for?

I created a body prayer of intention for what I wanted, what I was open to receive and to do it in 3 gestures.  I recommended this in my cell wisdom classes, that people experiment to see if doing a practice of 3, using this universal law, would bring what they are asking for. Would this universal law of 3s support creation and completion?

Even though I espouse don’t teach something if you’re not actually doing it., I didn’t follow that with the law of 3.  I talked about this in every cell class.  But I had done it only once where I consistently repeated my triad ritual 3 times a day for a week. Words, gestures, body movements

The first time I did this I was asking for love, abundance and inner peace. 

  1. I’m open to receive…
  2. I plant the seed to receive….
  3. I have or I am….

The surprise was what I “received” was an old lover. We hadn’t seen each other in years. 

In my current ongoing Romancing the Cells class, I decided to test this out again. Soon my triad practice became a morning ritual doing it after my meditation once a day for weeks. 

My 3 requests were the same as before – open to love, abundance and inner peace.

This time an old lover (the same one from before) called me on the phone, we hadn’t spoken to each other in more than 2 years.  We had been emailing for a few weeks (maybe since I started doing this). 

So I could call in love, at least the same old one. 

Then yesterday I received unexpected abundance – a package in the mail with 5 crisp $100 bills. 

Of course, these could all be coincidences. Yet I prefer to interpret this that the universal law of 3 works when we put it into practice and believe in the possibility

Additionally I have been part of a morning prayer call for many months, that’s about having faith, trust, abundance. So maybe the triad prayer had nothing to do with calling in love and abundance. 

Yet I sure am going to put it to the test again-And decided to share it with you.  What if this really works?  That’s why I am sharing it with you.    Could we all open to gun control finally becoming a reality?  Or what wish you have for yourself or your world.  

For the iMusea community where intentionality is part of the creative process, I ask whether this can help your creativity and completions.  I’m going to test this out next.

Please email me if you test this and any results you experience.