This coming Tuesday, May 7 we have a very special new moon in Taurus at 8:21 p.m. PT.  What makes it so special?

Taurus, an Earth sign, is ruled by Venus, the planet of beauty and love.  Taurus focuses our energy on the physical material world, wealth, the senses, pleasure, and manifestation. Jupiter, the planet of expansion, also in Taurus, gives us a generous burst of enlivening enhancing energy.

New moons open a doorway to begin anew, a fresh start, time to plant an intention for what you really want to manifest.  What do you want to happen and have in your life?  Tap into this powerhouse of Earth energy to help you bring into the world what’s important to you.

Taurus is about the earth plain, our body, our finances, knowing our own inner beauty, gratitude for the abundance within and in our life.  With Jupiter nearby, we have the opportunity for great prosperity and taking a new step of gratitude for all that we have.   

Where do you want to take what you have been working on?

Spend some time in the next few days to be in silence and reflection – what’s next for you, beyond any self-imposed limitations.  Seize the day.  Know that you are in partnership with Spirit and the Cosmos. What will bring you stability and security?  You, the world, your loved ones?

Initiate now what will lead you to fulfillment. And to help moving forward, heed the guidance ofTaurus’ mineral salt – Appreciation. Both of these are Taurus cards, the microscopic view of its mineral salt, sodium sulfate.