There is a very special new moon on Thursday June 6 in the Air sign of Gemini.  Air is about the mind, communication and connection with others  The Sun and Moon are joined by Venus, Mercury,  and Jupiter now all in the talkative rational Gemini.  These 5 planets and cosmic energies in Mercury-ruled Gemini help us celebrate and concentrate on the gifts of Air – social relationships, exciting conversations, communications, the Breath that carry us into new realms of possibility. 

What do we want to talk about and express?

You could find yourself restless, changing your mind or direction, not just once but a few times.  Watch yourself from talking too much, sharing or taking in TMI, or feeling scattered.

This new lunar cycle brings us adventures of our imagination – listen with sacred intention.  Where will your rich curiosity take you?  Who will you meet and converse with?  This is a time of exceptional gifts for you, if you listen and pay attention to inner and outer communications.  Be careful to not be caught and seduced by negative thoughts. What ideas to you want/need to share now? 

Set goals and intention for discovery.  What do you want to set in motion?  Now is the perfect time to begin.  See life differently, perhaps through a new portal or lens of perception. Meet new people, explore new ideas and even new ways to express yourself – words, music, pictures?  Break away from how you’ve done things before. 

This is a most promising time to be new and begin anew.  Start now and allow.

Feel the gentle winds on your face. Use your breath to balance and reset your thoughts and rejoice in your life.  Feel an know gratitude.  

What phase is the moon in today?

Our MicroCosmic Gemini cards, Potassium Chloride