This full moon is a meeting of opposites, as are all full moons, a polarity of elements – earth and water or air and fire.

Our full moon on June 21 is the pairing of earth and water – Capricorn moon and Cancer Sun. 

Capricorn (Earth) is about being responsible, goal oriented, and practical.

Cancer (Water) is about soul, emotions and nurturing. 

So  looking at the alchemy of the combined energies, this is a good time to look back on past accomplishments and personal wins and reflect on what worked and what needs changing. 

A time for getting practical, supported by deep emotional knowing, balancing home and work, gratitude, acceptance, and action.  Celebrate this light of illumination with a focus on making real your soul goals.

You might enhance your intention by doing some grounding exercises, reflective journaling and rejoice moving into your more sensitive self from the intellectual self we have experienced this past month.  More flow with self-mastery for your/the highest good. More of your lunar self building structure for long-term goals/intentions.