Modules 2-6 are an expansion of Making Visible the Invisible Program Module 1  took us into our invisible cells and thoughts.  This takes you deep into your mystical elemental self

Who is this for?

    • Those curious about science and the sacred, astrology,  healing
    • Educators, those of you who are spiritually inclined
    • Curious about your connection to the Cosmos and enhancing your self-knowledge
    • Healers, artists, mystics, and metaphysical explorers, astrologers
    • YOU

What you will learn:

  • The role of the SUN/MOON and 4 elements – Air, Water, Fire and Earth – in your life.
  • Greater self-knowledge
  • The elements in metaphysics, personality, and Nature
  • To tap into your elemental magic
  • To enhance any missing elements
  • Discover the gifts of your YES: Your Elemental Signature

Modules 2-6 Begin May 29. 


2.   Cosmic Connections- ORIGINS

  • Origins- We come from Stardust
  •           From atoms to molecules to cell sanctuary
  • Our Connections to the Sun, Moon and Stars
  • The Elemental Zodiac

     The history of the Zodiac – Ray Grasse video

  • Molecules of the Zodiac – sacred elemental symbols

Hidden Magic uncovered


3.  Elemental Mystical Wisdom – The Elemental You

  • Elemental Fundamentals – Air, Water, Earth and Fire
  • Shapes and symbols of the elements – pick your shape
  • Elemental Temperaments and Personality – Jung and the ancients
  • Your intuition – Are you Water, Air, Earth or Fire
  •         Element questionnaires: Debra Silverman’s from the Missing Element and mine
              • Your birth chart and the elements –


4.   YES -Your  Elemental Signature

  • Finding Balance of your Air, Water, Earth and Fire
  • Molecular Geometry, Signs and Symbols
  • Enhancing Your Elemental Nature
  • Elemental remedies




5.   Letting Your  Elemental Signature inform and enhance YOUR YES


  • Air, Water, Fire and Earth – Qualities in You
  • Are you missing an element?
  • Connections In Nature





6.  YES, Embrace and Express Your Sacred Elemental Self

Cellebration of the Elemental You,  Practices

  • Gratitude for your Unseen Realms -YES  I AM
  • Your mystic  soul

Modules 2-6  starts on May 29. You can take this without taking Module 1.   Cost $125

    The whole series  began on Wednesday May 8 at 11 am PT.

    Module 1 was two consecutive weeks May 8 and May 15. The live sessions are over, but recordings of Module 1 are available if you want to sign up for only Module 1 – Your Cells are Listening.. 

    SIGN UP  here if you want to take all 6 modules.   Mod 1 will be recordings on demand.

    Modules 2-6 begins  live on May 29 and the 4 Wednesdays in June.




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