When I was writing my Cells book I got the idea to meditate each day on a different chapter, to discover even more deeply what our cells have to teach us.  I started the book with the creation of SANCTUARY and this is where I usually start a class, talk, or workshop – with SANCTUARY. 

Yet last night in my meditation planning for my next course, I asked the question, how do you describe, know, see sanctuary.  A sanctuary in a temple, a stand of redwood trees in the forest, the corner of my house where I have my altar.  Sanctuary was outside of me.  It was all external to me.  Yet what I teach is that our trillions of cells create the sanctuary for/of us.  Our cellular sanctuary holds our spirit, cradles our consciousness,  our soul. How can we get in touch with that quality of us?   

How do you define SANCTUARY?   Can we embody SANCTUARY?  

Here is a simple guided meditation that may assist you in that process. 

 Every cell is a sanctuary for our sacred life force.  


HERE IS a meet your cells guided mediation for going inside.  

Please don’t listen when you are driving.  Sit in a safe sacred place, quiet. You may even want a journal beside you to write or draw your experience.


Close your eyes, breathe easily and bring your awareness to your belly, feeling your breath.  As you breathe in relaxation to and from your center, let your awareness move to wherever you consider the ‘outer edge’ of you.  Imagine that all of your cells are engaged in this visualization with you.  Know that they are holding you in the sacred container of life.  Hold that, feel that and let it inform you for the day.  The light of life and spirit are within.  When you are ready, open your eyes and remember the wonder of all that you are.

Chapter 1 of Secrets of Your Cells is Sanctuary.  
This tells a sci-sacred myth of how molecules gathered to create a container, or sanctuary, for life. If we consider that each cell contains all the necessary molecules and life force to survive, we are reminded that we are embraced by all of molecular marriages, 100 trillion times.


In our Creation story from science, the elemental ingredients came from the stars.  Just consider that we are the recycle of dying stars – all our universe and every living thing come from stardust.

Atoms meet, form molecules then molecules get together to form a container for life, Without the container for all the molecules and parts, there can be no life.  WITHOUT PLACE, THERE IS NOT LIFE. And if we choose to see life as SACRED, our sacred place or container is a sanctuary. The Divine Life Force needs a container and that place and container is the Cell.  Every one of our cells is a container of that sacred energy given to ignite life. Each one a sanctuary.


And when you are done, take in the wonder that is ancient wisdom.  Could these representations of sacred art possibly be expressions of our sacred cell sanctuaries?

We explore more the symbols, the elements and sacred secrets of our cellular YOUniverse in my upcoming Your Elemental Cell starts February 2021.  Sign up now and bring a friend.  .  .