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Your Elemental Cell: From the Microscope to the Mystic to the YOUniverse

Once upon a time, before there was life, there was stardust and air. The world was warm swirling waters and floating molecules. A disturbance in the air! Lightning! Fire! A Big Bang! 

Suddenly molecules embrace creating a sanctuary for tiny drops of the sea water. 

Over eons, the invisible shimmering oil-covered droplets slowly merge and unite into a living cell filled with promise and love.  The ultimate Embrace.

“If there were no internal propensity to unite in the molecule itself, it would be physically impossible for love to appear higher up, with us. By rights, we should assume its presence in everything that is.” Teilhard de Chardin~The Phenomenon of Man

Join us in this beautiful world of invisible allies and discover practical tools for healing and inner knowing. SEE that you are beautiful from the inside out. 

This 4-session once a week class will take you on a journey to Inner Space to awaken and amplify your wisdom and awe of the gifts of life.  

Expand your consciousness to the stuff of life – the elemental molecules, the quivering vibrating cells and the divine wisdom hidden within.  

Weaving biology, alchemical astrology and practical skills, Your Elemental Cellf reveals your hidden nature and how to access it.  

It’s all about relationships – molecular, cellular, human and nature.  Jump into this unique offering and learn how cells, these invisible ancestors help you thrive, heal and experience joy and peace.  

Dive into your sacred Youniverse. Learn more.

Get intimate with the elemental and cellular YOU.  REGISTER NOW

Do you want to play?  I am calling those of you who are seeking deeper inner wisdom imbued with science and the sacredness of life to awaken your consciousness and awareness of what you are inside. Bridging science, the sacred and the practical, this course offers practical healing wisdom for bodymind and spirit especially needed during this time of pandemic and beyond.  It is my hope that this program will invite your imagination as well as educate.

The molecule that stores and recycles energy in our cells

Your Elemental Cell: From the Microscope to the Mystic to YOUniverse   

HUMAN white blood cell

A 4-week 90 minute online class, livestream, watch live or later

Starts Tuesday February 2, 2021 at 5 PM PST.


 Why Me, Why Now?

I have been photographing cells and molecules through the microscope for more than 40 years and you would be amazed at what they reveal. I first used the microscope as a medical scientist for cancer research. Then I discovered that the microscope could be used for more than science. You will be surprised by the beauty and sacred wisdom of your invisible cells and molecules. Come join us on this journey into inner space, your beauty and wisdom. 

I am feeling called now to share these wonders with you to awaken in you the awe I have felt on seeing what we are made of.  Plus many of us are feeling so disconnected from ourselves, each other, and peace and safety, I feel it’s more important than ever to discover our essential elemental healing self.  This journey of self-discovery will reveal that our molecules carry more than their chemical properties, that they also hold mystical messages and practical knowledge.


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