Befriend the Secrets of Your Cells, they are always with you

We all know how important meditating is to our mindbody health, especially now. Scientists have demonstrated unequivocally that a regular daily practice of meditating reduces stress and improves our wellbeing, as does exercise and movement. Yet knowing that, what interferes or stops us from doing what we know is good for us? Is it a lack of will power, discipline, or self-love?

I’m not always disciplined. I’ve meditated for years and then I just stop – is it laziness or something deeper, that I don’t value the practice or myself? One reason I stopped after a year-long daily one hour practice, I feared the power that was being unleashed in me. I know it was time that I embraced my own inner power again, not fear it. This week my urge to meditate every day has been super strong and I have listened. I yearned to be really present with my self.

Get Quiet

I sat, closed my eyes and breathed.  I knew all the instructions, to feel my body touching the chair, feel my breath and as I did so there was the moment of realization. Meditating isn’t only about quieting the mind, it’s a way to tune into our cells.

Our Cellular Body

motor neurons from skin cells.

Know that your body, is made of trillions of cells, trillions of invisible energy and soul keepers of life that hold us, keep us alive and do our bidding. An obvious question, then, is how can we remember to care for them, love them, care for our cells, cellves?

Chapter 1 of Secrets of Your Cells focuses on Sanctuary, come join us in this next online course starting September 3, 2020.  We dive deep into the practical wisdom of our cells.  We have much to be grateful for, trillions of allies within.  

Take moments to create and connect with the sacred.  Right now in the midst of this pandemic as we MUST shelter in place, it becomes more important and essential for ourselves to connect with out hearts and what is most important in our lives.  For whatever is going on with our fears, people or loved ones getting ill, this is an opportunity for us to refocus on deeper priorities. What can we each learn from this.  

Maybe it’s as simple as lighting a candle in the morning, create an altar, step outside to see the sunrise or moon.  Tune in to your deeper self.

Befriend Your Cells – Connect

For years I have taught people how to get in touch with their cells, to communicate with them. But only one time, years ago, did I actually “hear” my cells “speaking” to me. So most of the time they don’t “speak” to me that I am conscious of, yet I feel in deep communion with them as I tell them how very grateful I am for all they do for me. Actually I also do that every morning in my morning ritual. Isn’t that enough for a first step in connecting and befriending our cells, being grateful? This is something for you to explore for your cellf.

Cell Sanctuary Practice:

Find a quiet safe place to do this practice. Light a candle or two. Sit comfortably and close your eyes. Feel where your body touches the chair and floor. Breathe naturally and become aware of where you feel the movement of your breath. Feel where your breath comes into your nose and leaves. Feel your chest moving as you breathe. Feel the breath coming into your belly. Tune in to all the places where you feel yourself breathing. Breathe into the embrace of all your cells. Know that trillions of your cells are making that possible. As you continue this practice, communicate silently to your cells and feel what you are saying. That is where the power is.You could hum to them and you could also tell them – 

  • I am so happy that you are here with me.
  • Thank you for all that you do for me.
  • Thank you for being me.
  • I love you.

Gratitude and Sanctuary

meditationdingzeyu-li-773-unsplashFeeling gratitude for my cells brings me deeper into meditation and the sacredness of my life. When we are able to discover the truth of our bodies, the sacredness of our cells and self, we discover that each of the trillions of cells is a sanctuary for life.

We can discover the deep love within us, regardless of what’s happening outside. When we consider that these trillions of invisible beings care for us, tend to our needs around the clock, will that inspire us to care for them. One choice in life is self-care. And as we tap into feeling grateful for our bodies, our cells, our self, we fall in love from the inside out.

“Taking refuge in your body is self-care with a spiritual twist that recognizes we cannot become enlightened without our body.” 

 Cyndi Lee


To connect with your cells when you meditate, exercise in the gym, walk in nature, breathe, fall in love.

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