Sound Heals from both sides – inside and out…

Our Cells are Sound Receivers and Resonaters.


SOUND can bring your cells into a harmonizing state.

You can feel what happens.

How about this piece of music -Does this tune you in?  Shewane – Soweto Gospel Choir.

Find the sound, music, rhythm and tone to start your first step..

Is it the Gyoto Monks that OM you into harmony?  Or the Singing Bowls?


Rock and Roll?

Country Soul?

Get in tune with your self  

Find the sound and song that cells use to align body mind and  soul.

Tensegrity in action.

Play the strings of your cells and shape shift life.

If sound can organize sand and water, what about our cellular fabric?

See for  yourself – Cymatics – moving matter with sound

Can sound be our ultimate cellular healer?


strings of our cells


  1. Hi Sandy,

    Yes, I think each of us needs to find the music that works best for us. I know from experience that country doesn’t work for me, and neither does Mozart. Then there are the times when music isn’t the right approach because quiet contemplation is needed. Learning to hear what you need — and learning to trust that hearing — is part of the journey.

  2. Jennifer, it’s interesting how we each find different kind of music that feels healing. I suspect it changes with the situation. Sometimes I won’t even turn on music because I’m afraid it will bring up a sad memory – that’s when I’m feeling sad about it in the first place. So do love songs always work to heal your heart?

  3. When I’m feeling particularly stressed and in need of divine assistance in healing, I get in my car and drive down long country roads with the music cranked up until I can feel the bass rhythms reverberating in my abdomen.

    I’m not sure what’s going on at the physics or biochemistry level, but at the emotional level it feels great. There’s something about the combination of layered melodies, harmonies, and bass lines that my gut responds to. For me, love songs by boy bands work best. But it has to be a song I love and there has to be a strong bass line.

    I take it into the open country, though, because I don’t want to torment my neighbours with loud music. That would defeat the purpose of the healing.

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