Get ready for a celestial rarity in August, two full moons. The month starts with a magnificent full moon (August 1), and then ends with another full moon on Aug 30.  This rare 2nd full moon in a month is called a blue moon.  Rare, because blue moons occur only about every 2-3 years. August gives us an extraordinary double whammy of full moon energy.

The Sun, the center of our solar system, resides in the powerful sign of Leo.   Like the Sun, Leo likes being the center of attention.  Even if we have no Leo in our birth charts we are all blessed by this monthly gift of Leo energy. Plus we all have some of the same energy wanting to be loved, recognized, and appreciated. 

Leo’s Fire energy fills us with courage, love, creativity, and generosity, plus a bit of the show-off. His partner in this full moon expression is Airy Aquarius. 

Leo is about having a strong sense of self and Aquarius is about being connected to the more universal mind, the world.  Together they are about expanding the self to the Self, and expanding our attention to the world around us.  This would be a good time to consider what you want to contribute to making the world a better place. 

With two Full Moons this month we have the power to set our intentions to harvest and complete what we have always dreamed of. 

  • Connect with your intuition.
  • Create a ritual.
  • Reignite your passion and enthusiasm for your dreams and GO FOR IT!
  • Show up, let the light of the moon enfold and inspire you. 

Set your intentions on the first full moon and revisit how far you’ve come by the 2nd one, letting the blue moon’s energy push you forward in unexpected ways, enjoying a rare opportunity showing up for you. The second Full Moon will manifest different energy of tangible completions embraced by empathy and sensitivity.  The Sun will be in Earthly Virgo and Moon in watery Pisces, the feminine receptive energies of the Zodiac.

A full moon is typically nourishing, expansive, and a time to celebrate.   The blue moon expands the energy of the full moon.  So whatever you feel or do to celebrate a full moon, double it on the blue moon, which is said to be full of magic and good fortune. So whatever you feel or do to celebrate a full moon, double it on the blue moon, which is said to be full of magic and good fortune.


And if we look at the MCW cards for the first full moon – I would say their guidance is absolutely perfect for now.