There is a powerful full moon this week April 5-6 (April 5 at 21:34 PDT, April 6 at 12:35 a.m. EDT).  It will be visible for 3 days from Tuesday through Thursday. This powerful moon symbolizes self, partnerships and relationships. 

The Sun is in the Zodiac sign Aries ruled by Mars while the Moon is in Libra ruled by Venus.  So here we see the interplay of male Mars and female Venus, aggression and war in play with the goddess of love, balance, harmony, and peace. 

All full moons are an interplay of elemental opposites Air-Fire and Earth-Water.  Our April full moon is the dance of Aries Fire and Libra Air.  Though Fire is considered the most aggressive element, it does not exist without Air. 

So what does this all mean on a personal level?

We could be more headstrong and impulsive a few days around this Full moon yet that energy can be tempered by lunar Libra seeker of balance and beauty. 

When looked at through the lens of the Microcosmic Wisdom oracle cards,  we see Aries as the innovative headstrong pioneer and Libra as the balancer.  Each powerful in their individual ways.  And when we look at the alchemy of these 2 energies we see a divine partnership of light and movement

So this full moon is asking us to better integrate these energies and let go of what blocks our full divine expression.  What is it you are longing to initiate, who or what will help you stoke that fire? Can you let go of anything which will dampen that expression?

Definitely take time to create a full moon ritual.  Light a candle, breathe in one of your favorite essential oils and buy yourself something of beauty, like flowers.  Be creative what do you want in your life? 

Aries tells us to be bold and to take action.  Libra reminds us to connect with what we love. create peace within ourselves.  Nurture your dreams, intention, inner peace and love