An auspicious New Moon, New Moon in Libra, opens the doorway to 2 sacred holidays, Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year and the Hindu Navaratri, 

These ancient traditions were telling us something very important about this window in time, the new moon after the Autumn (September) Equinox.  A time to harvest, a time to listen, a time to tap into LOVE and the sacredness of you.

New moons are traditionally a good time for starting new projects, declaring intentions for what you commit to in your life, as well as what you want to let go of that no longer serves. At least for the next month.

In the Jewish tradition,  it’s a time of prayer and asking for forgiveness – what do you need to forgive yourself for, what do you need to forgive others for.  What do you share For Giving? 

How will you celebrate and use this very special window in time?   

These are photomicroscopic images of the mineral salt for Libra, where our sun and moon are residing now.  Interesting that Libra expressed Balance microscopically and since ancient times it has been represented by the scales.  I knew none of this when I did the photography.  Do our molecules hold and reveal sacred wisdom? 


Another reflection for this new moon, what needs to be balanced in your life?  However you choose to use this time take some moments every day to let yourself experience divine love. 


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