When you look at these 4 shapes what do you see?  

Is there any pattern that reveals itself to you?  

Well, in my discovery of sacred geometry of our molecules, which represent the 4 elements.  

How did I discover this underlying pattern – through the microscope.


I photographed with my interference microscope, 12 mineral salts said to be associated with the Zodiac.

Four predominant shapes emerged.

Which of these shapes would you intuit were from Earth signs, Water, Air, Fire?




Since I had no knowledge of the Zodiac or astrology at the time, as the research scientist that I was I had to explore the meaning of the elements and their symbols.  Soon I began exploring the tarot and the geometry of the universe.  (My favorite book at the time was Michael Schneider’s Beginner’s Guide to Constructing the Universe. And it is still one of my favorites) 

The earliest use of the 4 elements was in telling Creation myths.  Along with sound, earth, air, fire and water played an essential part in our Origin stories.  So early on I interpreted these forms as having some kind of mythical, spiritual value. And like the Scorpio that I am I had to dive deeper into this story.  Hence, I’m beginning to share its wonder with you.  

The universe is a mathematical construction.  Numbers represent a form, a geometric shape that contains energy. A square represents a different amount or constellation of energy than a hexagon or circle.  At least in physical terms, that’s clear.  But what about metaphysical?  Beyond the physical.  Think how things fit together on the physical scale.  The honey bee’s hive is always constructed from hexagons.  Snowflakes, too. You don’t see too many square constructions in Nature, other than crystals.  Human uses the square.  The human mind encountered the square – 4 sides.  4 directions.  

Because I interpreted this microscopic elemental phenomenon as an expression of universal laws of design – from the “divine designer” –  I had to hunt down the deeper meanings of these molecules.  

These photomicrographs are an expression of Sacred Geometry, not like Fibonacci or Phi, but a sacred  biochemical geometry.


And since I am a biochemist by training, it behooves me to learn more, share more of our Alchemical universe.  Together we can grow the wisdom of these geometric mysteries.  

What’s Your Elemental Nature?  What would its geometric shape be?

Feel free to write me your thoughts about this.


 I use this sacred geometry of the elements as revealed by the molecules to do Elemental Guidance Readings and teach about our Elemental Soul.   These symbols from nature take us within our inner wisdom.

So lots for us to learn from each other..

Getting to YES will be the next program where I include Molecular Sacred Geometry as the Elemental Soul. 

I include a little about numbers in Nature in Cells and the Sacred.