Is it possible for the grape to have a spiritual purpose that impacts human life?

In his best-selling book The Botany of Desire, Michael Pollan lyrically describes relationships between humans and plants, from the plant’s point of view. Pollan posits that plants have a purpose; that the purpose of the apple, tulip, potato and marijuana is to fulfill human desires that would, of course, encourage human intervention.The ‘collaboration’ between the needs of plant and human moved forward the destiny of both.



The grapevine, one of Earth’s earliest fruit-bearing plants, took root where human civilization began, more than 8000 years ago. To ensure the survival of her offspring, Grape had to offer the nearby population of creatures something they couldn’t do without. Grape made itself so tantalizing it ensured continued cultivation by the humans that followed her arrival on the planet. “Plant me,” she insists, and witness the vast acreage around the world of about 20 million acres saved for the sole cultivation of her roots.

Let’s suppose that the grape’s purpose is to make humans happy and, by keeping these creatures happy, the planet Earth is protected, a bit. Think about it. Starting as wee kidlets we love sucking on a sweet juicy grape, licking grape jam on our toast or grape popsicles that make our tongues purple. Next we graduate to hand held snacks – raisins, those yummy sweet dried old grape remains, chock full of iron and other mineral goodies. When we discover the kick of champagne or being made giddy from a glass of wine, the divine vine comes into the picture. Our desire to feel this way begins our deal-making with the grape.If the purpose of the grape is to ensure the health and happiness of the human creatures they share the planet with, what can the grape do to guarantee that happens?

Put me in the place where I must struggle to get my hold on life.  Once I am rooted into the heart of the Earth I will bring back the spirit & love you put into me.
Grape Translations

ADAPTED FROM Wine’s Hidden Beauty Chapter 6 “The Spirit of the Grape”

What is YOUR spiritual purpose?