In Brian Green’s elegant view of the universe, he attempts to explain “the String Theory” of everything.  He believes that the fabric of the universe exists in the form of vibrating strings; that the universe is made of vibrating strings of energy.

In the film Thrive, the design of the universe – is the torus, a swirling movement of energy. Universal patterns of Nature, in theory are the torus which reflects the Movement of energy.  Strings  are the form of energy.

When we get to our cells, it is the vibrating strings of the cellular fabric  (the cytoskeleton’s microtubules filaments) that engage the cell’s energy and consciousness.  And since we have strings that are part of us, we can set our strings a hummin’, resonate with joy, peace, love, whatever….

What is exciting to me is that we can tune our heart strings, strum our cell strings and who knows, maybe we are tuning into another power of us.


And in this new year, how do you want to play your strings? How will you stay in tune with yourself?

More music?

More stretching?

More relaxing?

Less tension?

Of  course, sound plays a big part in getting our brain waves moving in the same way, our cells and heart resonate with the rhythm and vibrations of music we enjoy; sound  enlivens as we allow the strings of our cells to get in tune.

If your life was a soundtrack, what would it be?  What music makes your heart strings sing?