Virgo New Moon September 14 at 6:40 p.m. on the West Coast. 

The AstroElemental signatures for the Virgo mineral salt (Potassium Sulfate) reveal two shapes, that of rounded Earth and linear Air, visual reminders of the elemental qualities of Virgo,  Be grounded, discriminating, and thoughtful. 

Virgo, an Earth sign,  is ruled by Mercury, the messenger of communication, Air energy.  I often think of Virgo as Air of Earth. Her wisdom is discriminating, able to discern what serves the highest good and able to take action.

Earth energy is about the tangible, the body, and being present in the here and now.  Air is about the mind and the intellect, thoughts, ideas and communication, social interactions… 

As with all New Moons, this is the ideal time to set an intention for starting a new health habit, launching a new project, or learning something new. A New Beginning.

This new moon is particularly auspicious as it leads into Mercury, its ruler, going direct the next day on September 15.  And later in that day the Jewish New Year Rosh Hashanah begins.

Regardless of your religion or where Virgo is in your chart, set aside some time to tune into your dreams and vows you want to make for yourself.  What self-improvement do you want to initiate?  Is there a spiritual practice or ritual you want to connect with or reconnect with?

Philip Shepard in New Self New World offers an interesting grounding exercise, the pelvic triangle.  Bring your consciousness or breath to your perineum, your pelvic floor.  Breathe into that place and also bring your awareness to your 2 kidneys. Basically, imagine that you are creating the geometry of a pelvic triangle which can bring you into a grounded stillness. The bottom point is at your perineum, the 2 points of the triangle on each side of your navel. Allow your breath to drop to your pelvic floor and let it activate as you sense your kidneys.

I’ve just started experimenting with this so I don’’t have much experience with this grounding practice yet.  Shepherd says focusing on the pelvic triangle brings us to the vibration of a newborn moment. 

The MicroCosmic Wisdom cards for this Virgo New Moon

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