Master Your Celemental Intelligence,

Cellular and Elemental Wisdom

You are invited to It’s Celemental to master your elemental and cellular greatness and discover our awe-inspiring Self

Explore your cells and elemental wisdom with curiosity to deepen your self-understanding. Scientific cellular wisdom comes together with the ancient sacred wisdom of the four elements: water, air, earth, and fire. Feed your soul when you discover your awesome, amazing invisible universe and embrace a new sense of self. Expand your relationship with your cells, soul, and the elements. Become endowed with a sense of mastery and trust in all of who you are.  

In this journey of self-discovery and personal growth, we dive into the awesome gifts of life and experience effective strategies for self-care and reflection. Bringing together science, the sacred and metaphysical wisdom of our elemental nature, we experience healing and transformation.

From cells to Soul, we build a relationship with our trillions of invisible cellular allies to gain a deeper appreciation of ourselves.

We dive beneath the surface to uncover the many hidden elemental blessings and gifts of our birthday. Using astrology and MicroCosmic symbols, you uncover your AstroElemental code and learn to unlock the power of these elemental energies to know our true self. In this weaving of science and metaphysics, we bring in art and creative expression working with our AstroElemental symbols to guide us to our higher self and purpose. Woven into this story are practices and awareness to experience more awe in life. Awe is a powerful emotion that can provide a portal to greater well-being, connection, and meaning. Experiencing awe lessens stress, sharpens our brains, and strengthens inner peace. We feel more connected and open.  We also explore MicroCosmic Wisdom as the ‘secret sauce’ bringing together cells, elements and the mystery of life.

How you can benefit from this journey:

  • Transform your relationship with your body, soul, and self
  • Gain a stronger sense of your authentic self
  • Enhance communication and understanding in your personal relationships
  • Experience the qualities of each element and discover strategies for self-care to recharge
  • Unlock the magic of your AstroElemental Code
  • Deepen your connection with nature and environmental stewardship. You may even want to adopt an element, like save the ocean or old-growth forests.
  • Initiate creative expression of your elemental self
  • Feel more awe, curiosity, and gratitude for all of life and shift your reactive mind to more peace and wonder

Where this journey will take you:

Discover the awesome world of cellular intelligence and learn how you and your cells communicate. The cell knowledge comes from my Secrets of Your Cells book 

Explore the sacred energies of water, air, earth, and fire, and understand how they shape your life and provide useful wisdom for self-care, reflection, and personal growth.

Unlock Your AstroElemental Code: From astrology, microscopy, and sacred geometry symbols, discover your unique birth code, your elemental essence. Unlock the healing power of these symbols.   Origins of this work.

Immerse yourself in the fusion of science, the sacred, and creative expression.


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Start Date: Wednesday, Sept. 20, 2023, 5 pm PDT 90 minutes on Zoom

Duration: 8 weeks

Location: Online – Learn from the comfort of your home!  All sessions are recorded so if you can’t make it live, you have the recording to watch or replay.  


  • You’re interested in a basic and useful understanding of the intelligence packed into your cells
  • Astrology and metaphysical wisdom intrigues you
  • Curious about the cell salts  and elemental powers for your birth data
  • Looking for practical healing strategies from science and spirituality
  • Healers, teachers, wisdom seekers, artists
  • YOU

Weaving the scientific understanding of our cells with the metaphysical and spiritual aspects of elemental wisdom, you will learn through a variety of modalities including weekly slide presentations, experiential practices, and guided visualizations bridging the gap between the seen and the unseen.  Enroll now and take a step towards unleashing your awe-inspiring self. Uncover the mysteries within and the potential for wholeness that resides within. Join me on this journey of self-discovery, healing, and transformation. 

The 8 sessions include:

CREATION – The stuff of life and the gifts of creation, awesome beginnings

  • We come from the stars: stardust elements – our atomic, elemental and cellular allies and ancestors
  • Universal laws of design: cells, molecules and nature
  • Vibration, energy shaping life
  • Gifts of Wisdom, Awe beyond self
  • Creation stories: the 4 elements, big bang, the word

Sanctuary and Identify: I AM

  • Cellular container of life, divine designs
  • Cell activities: recognize, receive, respond
  • Identity -Immune and who am I
  • Conditioning: how you and your cells learn
  • Your Awesome Celf

Your AstroElemental Code: Your birthday gifts

  • The elements, minerals, and the Zodiac
  • Astrology and your elemental birthday gifts and challenges
  • Your birthday gifts
  • Microscopic shapes and elemental symbol archetypes 
  • Working creatively with your symbolic self -Cosmic Code and AstroElemental Signature
  • Embodying your elemental strengths
  • EARTH, Body, the physical realm, Be Here WOW

    • Earth element qualities: solid, tangible, reliable, in the here and now
    • Nature: Mother Earth, soil, trees
    • Cells: matrix, strings, cytoskeleton
    • Symbols: rounded, circles, feminine
    • Sensory activator: touch and sound, movement
    • Embodied experience
    • Your body as healer, shaman, shapeshifter

AIR, MIND, and the Sacred Breath of Life

  • Air element qualities: mind, intellect, always in motion, CONNECTION
  • Nature:  winds and thoughts, birds
  • Cells, threat, real or imagined, stress and energy
  • Symbols: angular, square, rectangle, masculine
  • Sensory activator: smell and essential oils
  • Brain and neuroplasticity

WATER, FEELINGS,  Intuition, Soul and the Flow of Life

  • Water element qualities:-waves of emotions, ebbs and flow
  • Nature: moon, oceans, rivers, rain, dew
  • Cells, blood, sweat, and tears are carriers of emotions, purification and letting go
  • Symbols: wave, curves, feminine
  • Sensory activator: taste
  • Tuning in and reflection

    FIRE, Energy, Spirit of Life, Love

    • Fire element qualities: energy, passion, vision, sense of self
    • Nature: sun,  light
    • Cells: mitochondria, energy and our genes
    • Symbols – Hexagon, fire
    • Self enlightened
    • Sensory activator:  sight
    • How I live, love, and laugh
    • Vision

    Explore and Experience the Greatness of Your Elemental Symbolic Self 

    • Let your symbols guide you
    • Create your cellular elemental code, a sigil?
    •  The Cellular YOUniverse, your awesome allies

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    Start Date: Wednesday, Sept. 20, 2023, 5 pm PDT 90 minutes on Zoom

    Duration: 8 weeks

    Location: Online – Learn from the comfort of your home! All sessions are recorded so you don’t have to miss a class and can revisit each one.  

    Uncover the amazing mysteries within and discover/recover your awesome elemental and cellular greatness.

    Register for this transformative journey today to unlock the boundless potential that lies within you

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