Celebrate this rare blue moon

Our next full moon, a super moon, will rise on Wednesday, Aug. 30, at 7:36 pm PDT. It will be one of the brightest and largest moons of 2023 and this is a rare blue moon – the 2nd full moon of the month.  This full moon in Pisces is called the harvest moon signifying the end of summer and beginning of Virgo.  

This Pisces moon gives us the unlimited water energy of the oceans that connects everything on this planet.  And we see the power of the water and winds as Hurricane Idalia is threatening Cuba and the Florida coast.  Prayers for the safety of the people in Idalia’s path.

The water element is formless and takes the shape of whatever contains it.  Its powerful and with great depth. Pisces is considered the most empathic and spiritual sign of the Zodiac.   This is a time to dive deep into the spiritual depths of you, your emotions, and intuitions. Those emotions and reflections could take you into the chaos of a hurricane and can go on and on into the formlessness. And/or in can bring from the depths what has remained hidden, even from you.  Fortunately the Sun in the Earth sign of Virgo helps form some boundaries around the water containing those emotions.  This allows manifestation of your dreams to become a reality, not lost in the oceans.  Virgo gives us the earthly energy of discipline and discrimination so that we are not lost in the waters and are able to discern what serves us best and what serves the higher good.  

This full moon is a perfect time to sit or walk in meditation and receive the wisdom and light awaiting you.  

Both Pisces and Virgo are feminine signs which means being receptive.  The shadow of that is being passive.  The full moon light brings the energy of illumination to reveal what’s been hidden and perhaps what’s been holding back the flow of your love and vision.  Take time to sit, reflect, what needs to be seen and acted upon.  Plant a seed of intention with this powerful super moon and receive what is yours now.  

Here are the 2 MicroCosmic Wisdom cards for this full moon.

Virgo Discernment and Pisces Possibilities.  How do these images speak to you? 

Know that you are blessed with the energies of the Cosmos and do take some time to tune into this powerful full moon and tune into you.  Blue moon, Billie Holiday

With love,


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