Quantum healing?

I have never used the term quantum healing in relationship to what I teach. Nor do I talk about consciousness.  So why now? 

In describing awe for my new program I realized that experiencing awe was more than what I thought or felt. It was consciousness and what I intuited as quantum healing.  And recently a physician friend asked me what I meant by quantum healing, this is what I came up with.

I understand quantum theory as a duality of wave and particle, physical/solid and moving energy with unlimited potential of being both/either.  From a healing perspective, quantum says to me that we have unlimited possibilities of changing our state, physical/energy. Change is possible. It is ongoing. Nothing’s fixed in stone. Outcome is uncertain yet fluid. 

At a physical level everything in our cells is fluid, nothing is solid, though form may appear solid.    

I teach about our cells and molecules.  I show you pretty pictures from the microscope.  But those are moments in time captured on “film.”  Before that focus, especially with cells, everything is in motion.  Each part of the cell has its own dynamics and potential.  Plus cells have consciousness and intelligence. 

According to some scientists, the microtubules are the seat of consciousness. We know that microtubules in the cell dismantle and reform every 10 minutes.  That says to me that we exist in a fluid reality, everything is changing. This gives us limitless possibilities for healing.  The flow of consciousness plays a huge part. 

With AWE we change our consciousness.  I originally felt that awe was primarily experienced in the body.  Then, as I began to be more in awe, the experience was bigger than what I felt in my body or thought. (particle or wave), it was consciousness.  To me, consciousness embraces the field, energy and vibration.

According to some ancient sacred traditions, it all starts with consciousness.  Before there was anything physical there was consciousness, wisdom.

We are wisdom/consciousness in form.  If I focus on lack or worry, the waves of emotions move to physical-mental form and I am stuck.  My cells, molecules, atoms, vibrate to the symphony of worry.  Yet changing my tune changes the expression of who I am.

This new program to cultivate a state of awe takes you from worry to the higher vibration of wonder, curiosity and healing.  Join us in Reclaim Yourself with AWE that begins on June 21. Sign up now to take advantage of the Early Bird Special and bring a friend to explore Awe together.

AWE includes mindbody and cell wisdom along with the wisdom of AWE and AWE Found (Air, Water, Earth and Fire)

You are the experiment and the blessing.