Are you feeling drained, exhausted, and stressed? I sure have been. In May this year I became depressed and pessimistic. A dear friend was dying. I had lost my inspiration to teach, something I love to do. My life felt gray. Everything I knew about getting me to a place of joy and inner peace didn’t work. Then I discovered the book Awe by Dacher Keltner. He tells fascinating stories about the different kinds of awe inspirations — people, music, nature, art, etc along with the health benefits of feeling awe. So I immediately asked myself what brings me to feeling awe. That was easy. I quickly remembered an experience and it was as if my body and mind time-traveled. Now I have learned to come from a place of awe more regularly. It turns out that all the practices I already knew just needed this extra dimension, this extra light. So I share the old and new with you in this online course, Reclaim, replenish, refresh yourself with awe

AWE(Keltner): The feeling of being in the presence of something vast that transcends your current understanding of the world.

As I dove more deeply into the science in this book, I realized that the physiological benefits of awe are exactly what our cells are able to do. It is what I’ve been teaching all these years from a different framework. In fact, when we experience awe, our consciousness changes and we may even be in the realm of quantum healing.

Now I combine my own 40 years of cellular journeys with the concept of awe to teach you how to tap into your cells’ wisdom and align all your innate healing powers. In this next program, you will experience connecting with your inner cellular universe and coming into coherence with mindbody spirit, finding awe.

I realized that finding and being open to awe is a state of consciousness. It is a willingness and openness to see and feel awe. Not just thinking or feeling it in the body. Discover yourself anew.

Shifting mindbody perception and consciousness, even if only for moments, moments adds up to hours, then days and ultimately being here now. Wow. We reclaim a state of inner peace and calm.

Using the skills of sound, visualization, and finding awe, you will experience connecting with the four dimensions of healing — physical-cellular, mental-emotional, spiritual, and the quantum, With curiosity you can find many ways that bring you to feeling awe, that reduces stress. This is an exploration of self-discovery where you will feel stress and negative thoughts lessening and your feelings of wonder, awe and sense of wholeness are enhanced.

When we routinely feel stress or worry, our energy plummets. Chronic ongoing stress lowers our cells’ ability to produce molecular energy needed to maintain and repair our body. No wonder that we feel tired. Digestion may change. Inflammation increases.Immune system gets out of balance.  Your relationships suffer. Are you having more pain, more allergy symptoms, heartburn? Learn simple strategies along with cellular science of how to activate the relaxation response while dimming fight and flight. Our cells know how, and so can you, to enjoy life again.

Physically, the threat/stress response is strongly hardwired in our bodies to ensure survival. Its opposite response, relaxation needs a lot of help to counter stress yet can be strengthened and activated. Awe quiets the stress response and activates that inner peace response in our brain. Awe shifts our consciousness to that quantum level of unlimited possibilities for wholeness.

With this new additional focus on Awe, you will learn the why and how of inner cellular healing practices, plus open your awareness to life and the divine.

Join me for this new 8-week program to learn and fill your medicine bag with practical wisdom from the science of our cells, awe, and spirit. Each week in this live online program there will be a visual presentation of information, a guided visualization, experiential practice plus interactive discussion and community. Experience deep relaxation. You have everything to feel wholeness and peace again.

Benefits you will experience from this program:

  • Less stress reactivity, inflammation, and pain
  • More energy, vitality, aliveness and joy
  • Enhanced soothing relaxation
  • Deepened relationship with the divine
  • Greater self-knowledge and Appreciation of the scientific underpinnings of awe and mindbody cell wisdom

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Week 1. Cell intelligence, consciousness and information transfer
The architecture of Life: Cells are designed to survive, connect and communicate
Discover how to connect with your cellular kingdom through imagination
Quantum consciousness
What is Awe
Beginnings – you are the experiment




Week 2. Stress/Danger signals, real vs imagined threats
Stress biology, immune health, energy, brain, cells and genes
Changing the brain, loosening the grips of tension and stress
Discover skills for activating ease and relaxation
Awe strategies: activating relaxation (the parasympathetic nervous system) with body, mind, art and music





Week 3. A Breath of Fresh Air – Mind
Sacred breath, connection to nature and the divine
Energy production, refilling your energy bank
Scent, nature, wind
Mind, Inspiration, conversation and communication
Awe of MicroCosmic Wisdom??




Week 4. Embodying Cell Intelligence – Body
Body awareness, sensory wisdom, pleasure and presence
Qi, walk, dance, tension, vibration
Be present, be here wow, get down to earth
Brain – anchoring and conditioning body learning
Beauty and awe walk — take your cells for a walk of discovery





Week 5. Flow, Feelings and Letting Go – Emotions
Emotions, energy in motion
Letting go of stories that fuel fear
Emotions and body experiences
Awe and gratitude, music and art






Week 6. Awe and the sacred, love, legacies
Reverence for life, to live before we die
Connection with the divine
Symbols and wellbeing, magic
Amazement at things outside and within yourself






Week 7. Cosmic energy, the Moon  
We come from the stars, your birthday and the zodiac
Awe and the night skies
Inner nature your birthday, mineral magic
Vast mysteries of life from stardust, heavens, birth, life, God






Week 8. Living life fully, celebrating gratitude and awe
Recognizing who you are
Creative expression
Nature, music
Your awe show
How do you feel now? What’s different for you?

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Awe by Dacher Keltner
Secrets of Your Cells by Sondra Barrett
Weekly handouts