From Woe to Wow

This morning I woke with the question, what is my new program Meet the Awesome You really about. I was in my woe is me mode when I woke up, so how could I be teaching about awe. Did I experience my awesome self all of the time? No, of course not.

What came to me, besides the fact that we teach what we need to learn, was that we can always find a moment of AWE. Today I found it in the tiny sprouts of fennel, spinach and arugula (above image) whose seeds I had planted 2 weeks ago. That brought gladness to my heart and soul. A WOW. Packed in those tiny seeds is the hidden wisdom to create a plant with very specific traits.

And within each of us is the hidden wisdom to create our selves, our cells, our soul following the blueprint that already exists within. If you find yourself more in the woe of life consider this quote from Phil Cousineau

What is sacred is what is worthy of our reverence, what evokes awe and wonder in the human heart, and what, when contemplated, transforms us utterly.

Being able to choose a moment of awe, of gratitude, gives us a glimmer into the light of our being, the light of life. It changes our cells, our brain and our mood. And when we do that often enough we embed the experience in our heart and body and grow the neuronal connections of awe.

The brain doesn’t know the difference between the imagined experience, the memory, or the actual experience. Those Awe neurons light up together. Give yourself some awe and you will readily be out of woe – even if only for moments of time. The ripple effect carries that energy throughout you enhancing your wellbeing.

Here’s a video introduction about Awe