When we keep on repeating those “nots” – good enough, smart enough, etc.  these thoughts become woven into our body and cell wisdom.

Our mind and brain latch onto that pattern and reinforces those thought patterns.

It’s not only our brains and nervous system that build patterns of what we think and do.   Our body, our senses and even our cells also recognize and anchor our patterns forming knots in our invisible fabric. 

That thought came to me, not for the first time, that our NOTS are KNOTS.   I even wrote about that in Secrets of Our Cells, the facts of our cell wisdom and intelligence

This morning Nots becoming Knots came from looking at a student’s creative expression of her cells embedded onto her experience with the Neurographica process. Her drawing reveals her expressions of the weavings of neuronal patterns, and the nodes where neurons meet. 

I know nothing of that process or theory but what I saw in her drawing were the similarities of how the fabric, the webbing within our cells mirrors the same kind of neuronal process.


A little excursion inside our cells.  Most of us know that there is a cell membrane, nucleus and cytoplasm.  But few of us know about the cytoskeleton, the webbing inside our cells that connects everything. As we have learned more about this important part of us, this weaving within our cells influences our genes, cell behavior and is impacted by what we think, do, feel and hear.  Sound and music impact our us at a cellular level, not only via our brain.


So in thinking about Knots I pictured the innards of our cells getting tangled and knotted up by our repetitive thought patterns.  So it’s no only our mind and brain that hold these knots, our body does too.  My suggestion when one of those nots appears, shake it, exercise, move your body to unwind those knots.  Who knows – it will at least get you moving in another direction.  Many other strategies will make themselves known.  Think of your cells, your self as a string instrument.  What song, tune do you want to play?

Check out this chapter that tells the story of the weavings within.