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Here is your free downloadable chapter from  Secrets of Your Cells

Secrets of Your Cells SOYC-chapter 4

With this chapter you will be going on a journey into a most exciting aspect of you and your cells – the Fabric of the Cell, the Cytoskeleton.

The CYTOSKELETON is the decision-maker, the shape shifter and the place where energy, sound, movement, and stress impact us at the invisible level of our cells.  The cytoskeleton connects all parts of the cell.  It influences gene expression and even energy production, cell life and death.   Tapping into it can bring your body, mind and spirit, all into alignment. Try a simple purring sound, a hum for a few minutes and discover your vibrating universe.  

My book,Secrets of Your Cells is now available in 8 languages.


From Cells, Molecules, Spirit and the Elements of Life.

Discover yourself from the inside out

GETTING TO KNOW YOU, from your invisible cellular universe to the gifts of your sacred elemental wisdom.

Dive into the science of your cells to learn healing strategies based on cell intelligence, energy, and ancient wisdom.

Be enriched by your sacred elemental gifts and who you are.

Explore your creative spark to nurture all of you


Two opportunities now to dive deeper into you, bringing together science, cosmic mysteries and the sacred.  Check them out.  


Personal Elemental Guidance Reading

Did you know that the 12 mineral salts associated with the Zodiac can provide you with deep personal wisdom?  Dr. Sondra Barrett’s amazing discovery through the microscope reveals a whole new way of knowing ourselves.  Discover what your elemental signature reveals about you.