Though we live in a universe of billions of different peoples, individually we each are a universe of trillions of different cells. They all have the same creator yet they look different from each other, have different jobs some requiring advanced skills and some simply essential workers. 

Yet in this cellular universe of ours, there is no violence because of differences.  There are no bullies.  There are protectors, when needed.  There are cells of brute force, those that hold us up, our bones and muscles.  They cooperate with one another, they communicate about their needs and they keep us alive.  And if we are willing to recognize our partnership with them we can thrive.

Partnership? If Cells R Us, how can we partner with ourselves?  What we think and do, how we feel and love, when we reach for a thread of the invisible source of life, whether we call it God, Allah, Buddha, Great Spirit, Nature, or the Mystery, these are the threads of our partnership, the invisible realm of thoughts and feelings, love, choices, embrace our cells with an environment that supports or challenges them. 

Why can’t we be like our cells.  Cooperate, collaborate, communicate.  There is no violence among our cells, there is no treachery, lies or cheating.  There is wholeness, holiness among the trillions within, that keep us alive and to thrive in this gift of life we have been given for a few short years. 

 Our cellular ancestors learned that to stay alive they needed a community that worked together, to gather food, to protect against danger, to even rejoice.  So my friends, I am asking all of us to DO AS OUR CELLS DO.  Cooperate and communicate with one another and that starts with us. 

How do you want to communicate, what do you want to communicate to your cellular universe?  Hatred or compassion?  Disdain or understanding?  Our thoughts and feelings influence the wellbeing of our cellular universe, which is You.  During these very unsettling times, Covid, political unrest, it is more important than ever that we keep ourselves in some kind of balance and positive action.  What have you done for your cells today?  What joy and caring have you experienced?  Have you taken them for a walk?  How have you loved, how deeply have you connected? 

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