Romancing our cells


Getting to Know you

Inside & Out

Fall in LOVE

with your Cells and your Self. 

Have a Romance with Your Sacred Cellular Universe


Within the framework of art and science,

design and beauty from the microscope,  

this experiential and information-rich program will provide you with practical knowledge, skills and wisdom

for engaging your amazing Cellular Intelligence.




In this course, you will:

Begins May 4, 2022 noon PDT.  8 weeks deep dive into falling in love with your cells, you and the wonders of life.  

We meet weekly for 90 minutes

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Origins – You as Sanctuary







I and Thou, Receive and Respond


It’s all Energy – Gifts from our Mothers. 




Cells Learn and Network- Come to Your Senses



Genes, Hidden Codes and Universal Laws of Design



Cellular Expressions and Divine Designs





The Elemental Cell




Live streamed and recorded so you don’t have to miss a class if you can’t make it in person. 

Every class includes a visual presentation, experiential practices and  guided visualization, plus time to connect and Q and A.

 The content expands  my book Secrets of Your Cells.

Here are a few Secrets of Your Cells

Come Meet Your Cell MuSE. What’s Your Muse showing you?

My Cell Muse

A conversation about your sacred cellular universe –Interview with Shiloh Sophia