Are you watching reruns of your same old stories, the ones that beat you up or the one of painful memories or poor decisions?

The tales of the past that we keep on reliving keep us tied to the memories and patterns of the past – it imprints us physically and emotionally.  

And because we keep on rerunning them it builds a strong pattern or rut that’s easier to go to then to something new and unknown.  Our stories are held in our cells.

The shamans talk about attachment points in the etheric realm but what about attachments in the here and now realm.  Are there stories that keep us held back to something we did in the past that we no longer do yet people are expecting us to behave in the way of the past? 

This weekend I created a shit storm in the family.  People were judging something that I said based on my behaviors 50 years ago.  I am no longer her or mostly not her yet my words triggered responses that were no longer relevant to the me now. but everyone else who read those words remembered my actions (old story) from the past and I was being judged by my past and not taken for my current self.

I can’t change the tracks in their minds or bodies but I can make sure that I don’t keep on repeating myself according to my old stories and speak up for me now. 

I’m so focused on letting go as key to healing I had to look at this drama as something to learn from, heal for myself and maybe ultimately it would be healed for others.  No guarantees for sure.

I took that old story that has run me for more than 50 years, and of course affected my family and my children.  I looked at how I had been rerunning that story and let it keep holding me back and down.  What could I do with it to stop its damage?  I had let this story of past misdeeds run my entire life. And in many ways ruin it.  How could I be worthy of a life of value when I did xy or z?

How can I let it go and not have it run or ruin the years I have left.

On this new moon day of a new year I asked how can I stop rerunning this story.

And I got answers.

Put it in the archives, no need to have it out readily available for an easy rerun.

Put it in the archives. 

Upon doing that my trusty dragon (who never showed up before) showed up and set the story on fire, into ashes.  Then he ate a copy of the story to use to fuel his fires. 

How did that feel?-funny and freeing.  Sure the story will always be part of my past but it doesn’t have to have a hold on my present and future.  I can let it go, at first in the imaginal realm.

And FYI, our mind, brain and cells don’t know the difference between what’s real in the physical or what’s in the imagination. 

Knowing it’s in the archives if I want to revisit -but why would I want to, it frees me from keeping it in the active file. I can look at it if I want to.  But since I am so focused on sharing how our cells know and help us, I know the story in my cells is about letting go.  It is important for our psychology and cell somatics.  It is essential to them. 

I talk a little about letting go for our cell health in the Renegade session on Jan 3, 2022.

Attachments and our cells

When our cells are tightly attached to a surface, they keep on repeating their behaviors.  Attached to a rigid unyielding surface they express the genes for making more of them, ensuring their existence.  So when we are attached to a mind message it gets repeated throughout the cellular realm.  When we let go of it, our mind and our cells have new options, options for expressing new genes, maturing out of the past. Se if this physical reality offers you some solace or wisdom for your letting go.  

Our cells are wise beings within us so why not learn to take better care of them so that they can care for us. 

This is a bit of knowledge of Cell Somatics, or is that cell somatic psychology?  Try it out. test it out for yourself.  What story  do you need to let go of.

Until then use today to look at what you want to release and let go of.  Imagine it, draw, or dance it.  See how freeing Letting go can be.